Professionalism is the word. Just being able to put a professional edge on the business is something we didn’t have the time or resources to do before we joined Think Water.

It’s about having the support for things like marketing, supplier agreements and pricing – that means we can stick to doing what we do well which is selling and installing systems – and we know all that bigger picture stuff is being taken care of by people who really know what they’re doing.

Adam Stockwell – THINK WATER Winnellie and Virginia, NT. PH: 08 8947 0470

Adam Stockwell

Joining Think Water has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

The biggest thing for me has been that I’m a small business owner but I’m now part of a national team which means I can seek advice from other members when problems and issues arise. I’ve sought advice on all sorts of things from the obvious irrigation challenges to taxation, salary rates and administration issues. You really don’t feel like you’re on your own and that’s a big thing in business.

Mark Sanders – THINK WATER Bunbury and Geraldton, WA. PH: 08 9791 6333

Mark Sanders

The suppliers treat you differently because you are part of Think Water. I started this business from scratch and by joining Think Water I was able to get access to outstanding supplier arrangements and relationships that I would have had no hope of accessing on my own.

Another great thing is that if something comes into your shop that you haven’t seen before – all you’ve got to do is ask others in the Think Water group and every time you’ll get the answer you need because someone has seen it before – it’s excellent.

Noel Gardner – THINK WATER Whitsunday, QLD . PH: 07 4945 1033

Noel Gardner

We have always been a strong independently owned irrigation and pumping company. Think Water was a chance for us to get better collective bargaining from suppliers against ever increasing corporate competition.

It also offered an established brand to help us promote and grow our business and the benefit of great collective information sharing and support from the Think Water NSO and individual members.

Owen Broomhall – THINK WATER Leeston, NZ. PH: 03 324 3880

Owen Broomhall

One of the best things is the camaraderie – a group of mates who are doing the same thing and experiencing the same issues with customers, suppliers and government – you learn from each other’s experience.

We have much better supply arrangements than we would as independents, being part of a national group has many advantages.

Pat Currie – THINK WATER Leeton, NSW. PH: 02 6953 5500

Pat Currie

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