Rain Water Harvesting

If capturing and using your rainwater is what you’re after, then Think Water can help. Stores have a wide range of water storage and harvesting options and advice available.

Typical uses might be for recycled water in your toilets and laundry using a rainwater switching system such as a Davey Rainbank. Or rainwater use for your garden. You may need water storage for drinking or livestock.

No matter what your use, Think Water has a combination of solutions to suit.

We support the range of Sun Tough® plastic tanks available from Bushman’s or steel tanks from Kingspan Tanks.

Tank sizes and shapes vary from a few hundred litres up to 500,000 litres for liner tanks also from Bushmans and Kinsgpsan.

At Think Water, we also design, supply and can install a range of supporting equipment to make sure your tank water system is optimised for your requirements.

This includes pumps sized to suit your needs. Not all pumps are the same and will vary depending on your site, location and use.

Other pump options include products such as the Davey Rainbank which switches from mains water to tank water- ideal for use in recycled water systems supply your toilets and laundry.

This system dramatically reduces water sue over time and allows you to make best use of available rainfall.

You may also need filtration and connection systems, we supply a full range of options from whole of house filtration, including UV and 2 stage filtration systems to make sure your drinking water is clean and free of contaminants, organic matter and bacteria.

Tanks should also be fitted with first flush systems to ensure that the first few millimetres of rain fall from your roof are not washed into your tank. This protects the tank from a build-up of sludge over time, but more importantly protecting the water from roof contaminants such as dust, animal droppings and dead birds. In rural areas dust might contain levels of fertiliser and pesticide and in city areas dust will have other pollutants from cars and trucks.


Rain Harvesting System

Pump Systems

Davey Rainbank
Rain Harvesting - First Flush Diverter

Project Examples


Think Water Albury Domestic Construction Bladder Tank Under Deck

Think Water Albury was contracted to supply a rainwater harvesting solution for a local builder. The project required the installation of bladder tanks to best utilise space under the new building’s external decks.

In addition to the under deck bladder tanks an external Bushmans Rainwater tank was installed to capture extra water for use around the property.

Think Water Dural Nursery Water Recycling Project

Total water storage is 45,000 litres and the system includes a Grundfos Scala2 Pump and associated fittings.

A Think Water Dural customer; The Golden Gate Nursery in Sydney’s north needed to capture and store water from a 1600 m2 glass house roof. The chosen solution was to install a 250,000 litre Kingspan Liner Tank.

The tank site was prepared and the tank was built in one day by a Kingspan contractor. The water recycling program will save many thousands of litres of water, this represents a significant financial saving to the customer . The system is supported by a Grundfos booster pump set designed and installed by Think Water Dural.

Tank Location & Site Preparation

When considering where to locate your tank you need to consider the inlet and outlets to ensure ease of use and ability to gain access to the top of the tank if required.

Site preparation is also important, there is some flexibility with plastic tanks- although larger plastic tanks need a level site. Large liner tanks site preparation is critical as these are put together like a Mecano set and variation in ground level can lead to liner stretching and splitting.

Slimline Kingspan Steel Tank
Kingspan Liner Tank

Downloads for site preparation of Bushmans Tanks.


Think Water Preferred Suppliers

Think Water has a strong working relationship with a select group of Preferred Suppliers in the rain harvesting market.  We partner with the following suppliers:

  • Bushmans Plastic & Liner Tanks
  • Kingspan Steel Tanks
  • Davey, Grundfos, Orange and Pentair for pumping solutions, including rainwater switching systems
  • Puretec & Davey for filtration and rainwater treatment
  • Rain Harvesting for first flush diverters, leaf eaters and other tank accessories
Bushmans Plastic Slimline Tank
Bushmans 22,500 litre plastic tank

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