Residential Water and Irrigation

Irrigation for your home outdoors environment improves the live-ability by helping to create an inviting space for you and your family to relax and enjoy

Great landscape needs great irrigation, by planning what you need to support your significant landscape investment in garden plants and lawn, you will ensure outstanding results and allow your plants to to flourish.

Home Irrigation Design

Irrigation around your home does not need to be complicated, if your building a new home, the time to start planning is in the initial design stages in conjunction with your builder and landscaper. This helps to locate pipelines, tanks, external power points and water.

Another important consideration is the available water source, including flow and pressure measurements. This is important information as flow and pressure impact irrigation design- if there is not sufficient flow and pressure the irrigation system may not deliver the quantity of water to maintain plant growth and you could get dead patches in your lawn or a poor performing garden. If it's too high measures can be taken to reduce both flow and pressure- efficient irrigation systems are designed to work within a range of flow and pressure.

Speak to your local Think Water store as they can assist you in determining these important parameters and will be able to lend you some equipment and the steps required to get these initial measurements. It's not always as simple as connecting to a tap! And don't forget to bring in your landscape plans!

If you're home is already built, your local Think Water store can draw you up a simple design, they can use Google Earth to get some idea of the area and features of your outdoor area, however it's best to bring in a rough outline of your home's garden and lawn layout.

Download the 2 files below for a plan layout and site information sheet.

Think Water Design Layout

Think Water Design Details

Home Irrigation Products

As far as product options are concerned it will depend on your garden and lawn areas and what best suits your environment. There are plenty of options!! a typical Think Water store will have over 5000 line items just for irrigation and pumping,


Think Water supplies a wide range of lawn sprinkler bodies from Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro. These sprinkler bodies can be matched with the latest in sprinkler technology, such as Hunter's MP Rotator's which are water efficient and wind resistant. Hunter sprinklers are adjustable, so they can suit smaller lawn areas as well. More details on the range of Hunter products can be found by clicking on the Hunter Preferred Supplier Page link.

Home Drip Irrigation                                      Logo_Supplier-Netafim

Other irrigation options to consider for your home includes the use of landscape drip products from Netafim. Drip irrigation is very water efficient. Typically drip tube is buried under mulch, so you don't even see it and it makes it a bit more "dog" proof, compared with above ground garden sprinklers....although with some hounds nothing is safe!

While drip is easy to set up it needs to be laid correctly and in sufficient quantity to allow water coverage of your garden. One tip is make sure your drip tube not is placed too far apart to be effective. Check with your local store for details and use good quality fittings and ask for stainless steel clamps such as Hippo clamps from Toro to join your tube. Quick'n'easy and will last a long long time unlike some of the cheaper plastic clamps.

With drip you do not need to run the system for long, it's not like a lawn sprinkler. Talk to your local Think Water store to find out the optimum time to run your system and set it up with an automatic timer, such as the battery operated Hunter Node.

For more information, download the Netafim PDF: Netafim Drip For Your Home

Controllers and Sensors

There are many available options for controlling your irrigation system, depending on the number of "zones" which are areas that are isolated allowing for more efficient use of water flow and pressure. Access to power and functionality.

Control systems can be internet or Bluetooth enabled, so you can operate your system from just about any where, including your local cafe!

Controllers can also be linked to sensors, such as soil moisture probes and rain fall sensors to ensure your system does not over-water. For more tips on controllers click on the Tips Link


You may wish to DIY your own system in which case your local Think Water store can give you advice on the best way to go about installing your system. You can also check out some tricks of the trade

If on the other hand you would like your system installed, this can be arranged either through Think Water or a local contractor who works with Think Water, either way they can go through the installation costs involved.

They have the equipment, know-how and experience to get the job done for you and are happy to work with landscapers and builders

Have a look at our Case Studies page for examples of work done by Think Water

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