Water Filtration, Treatment & Recycle

Water quality is critical, not only personal use around your home but also for commercial applications, such as sports turf, food and beverage, council gardens and agriculture.

The degree of treatment and filtration will depend on the specific application, any standards that need to be met and the water source.

Think Water has solutions, through design, supply and installation of filtration systems from a whole of house solution to larger agricultural installations for drip and other irrigation requirements.

Home Water Filtration and Treatment

Water Source- Tank Water

Where tank water is the main water source for your domestic water supply, the installation of first flush devices can have a big impact in reducing the amount of debris and contaminants finding their way into your tank from the roof catchment.

During a rainfall event the first few mm's of rainfall will collect dust and other contaminants which build up on your roof area. Depending on where you live, these contaminants may include agricultural chemicals from spray drift, fertiliser from soil and dust blowing about, animal and bird droppings and dead animals such as birds or possums which might have died on your roof.

Over time this debris builds up in your tank as sludge taking up space and will eventually have to be removed, which adds cost and time. Let alone the contaminants which build up in your water. While old uncle Henry might have handled tank water OK, what about visiting relatives? The last thing you want is for your guests to get crook!

A first flush diverter helps remove the "first flush" from your roof entering the tank system. If you also add a leaf eater to your downpipes, leaves and other large debris will be flushed out before reaching your tank. The Youtube link shows how the system comes together. You can also check out the Rain Harvesting page.

The next step is a whole of house 2 stage filter and UV filter to reduce pathogens and clean the water of odour and tiny suspended particles.

For domestic situations, Think Water supports the range of Puretec and Davey Water Products, including whole of house products such as the Hybrid H7 whole of house system from Puretec which incorporates both a 2 stage filter and a UV system to ensure safe water for your home.

These systems can be expanded for smaller commercial applications such as B&B's, hotels and cafe's

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