Automatic Filter Station at Lindsay Point Almonds, SA

The customer, Lindsay Point Almonds, required an automatic filter system. It was determined by Andrew Sloan, Think Water Riverland, that this would need to be designed to have a capacity of 670 litres per second.

Project Details:

To achieve the goal, Plastro 250mm EBS filters were selected, complete with 130 micron suction scanning screen filtration. These units have proven themselves to be very efficient and reliable with very little breakdown and require minimal maintenance. With a combination of ductile iron filter bodies and stainless steel screens they have very good corrosion resistance.

Think Water - Riverland services in excess of 100 of these units in the Riverland and surrounds.

The customer, Lindsay Point Almonds, was interested in efficient operation and the whole system was sold on the concept of less velocity through each filter and more filters. This extends the time between flushing significantly. By increasing the total design from 7 to 8 filters and therefore reducing the flow per filter from 100 l/sec to 84 l/sec the frequency of the expected flushing was reduced by 1/3. This aids the efficient running of the system.

All manifolds are constructed from 316 grade stainless steel and the velocity in the manifolds is below 2 metres per second. All manifold fabrication and onsite installation was conducted by Think Water – Riverland staff.

Full waste water reuse was also incorporated in the design with some settling achieved via 2 x 45,000 litre storage tanks.

The properties required some water to be available for most of the installation time for domestic water and spraying programs. A 150mm domestic pump was temporarily connected around the site during this time. There was only 2 weeks allocated to carry out the total installation and the changeover was achieved with only a 2 day total shut.

During this time there were 3 wet days, which was uncommon as it very rarely rains in the Riverland.


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