Large Scale Irrigation System at Nangwarry Water, SA

Think Water Mt Gambier were commissioned in 2008 by Nangwarry Water to install irrigation for 2 X 55 Ha apple plantations at Nangwarry, South Australia. Nangwarry is a small settlement located approximately 40 km's North of Mt Gambier SA.

Project Details:

Each 55 Ha site is irrigated separately from centrally located 25 megalitre Dams. The trees are drip irrigated using Netafim pressure regulated tube, filtration, control system and valves. As the area is susceptible to frost there was a need to provide full cover frost protection to the full 55 Ha site. The desired application rate of 4mm/hr was designed to provide frost protection to as low as -4°C. Nelson R2000 rotator heads were chosen as the preferred outlet due to their reliability and high uniformity.  To supply water to the frost system each site has a system flow rate of approx 650 l/sec.

Think Water Mt Gambier commissioned Caprari Australia to provide 3 N series centrifugals, each producing 200 l/sec @ 55 m TDH at 1850 Rpm. The remaining duty is made up using the drip irrigation pump. Caprari was chosen due to their high efficiency and suction lift capabilities at the required duty. Each Caprari is powered using 6 cylinder Mercedes electronic engines. All works to base up the Diesel engines were carried out in house by Think Water Mt Gambier along with the 500m galvanised steel suction and discharge manifolding.

Of interest, the apple trees planted are being trellised and growth controlled not to exceed 6 ft in height. This allows for the crop to be handpicked without the need for ladders. The client is targeting a premium on the domestic and export market by gaining Organic status for the apples produced. Each site will eventually be covered by bird proof netting of the full 5 Ha site.


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