Pit Dewatering for Wesfarmers Premier Coal, WA

Wesfarmers Premier Coal Limited (Wesfarmers) has contracted Think Water Bunbury for works at their Collie coal mine.

Premier Mine is one of two coal mines located at Collie, some 70 km east of Bunbury and 200 km south of Perth. These mines supply coal to the coal fired power stations, also located at Collie, which are the main power supply for Western Australia.

Project Details:

Wesfarmers is developing Pit 3 and Pit 1 Deeps of the Premier Mine.  All pit developments extend considerably below the water table. Consequently, pit dewatering through the use of conventional production bores forms an integral part of the mine planning.

Think Water Bunbury have been contracted for the supply and installation of bore pumps and pipelines used for the dewatering of the mine prior to excavation of the open pits. The water is then used for cooling at the power stations and around the mine for applications such as dust suppression and fire protection. The Premier Coal project started in 2008 and has been split over three stages. Think Water Bunbury has successfully tendered for the contracts of all three stages totalling some $8 Million.

During Stage 1 an initial 12 bore pumps and pipelines were to be installed. The pipe line consisted of Poly pipe 860 and 710 mm in diameter. The total distance of the installed pipe line was approximately 6 km.

There will be a total of 52 Grundfos pumps installed at the completion of the project, ranging in size from 55 to 150 kW, with pump settings from 193 to 297 m and bore depths of up to 309 m. This will deliver approximately 800 L of water per second.

At time of writing Think Water Bunbury have successfully installed all pipelines and 26 pumps.


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