Protecting a Centrifugal Pump from Pump Damage

For centrifugal pumps to have a long trouble-free life, flow rate and head must be maintained within the manufacturer’s specifications. This is because pump impellers and thrust bearings are designed for a particular duty.  Excessive flow, resulting from inadequate head, increases turbulence and load on thrust bearings, eventually leading to pump failure. By placing a correctly sized flow controller - like those supplied by Maric - close to the pump discharge, the pump will stay on its curve regardless of demand for too much water.  Flow control valves help to maintain a constant pre-set flow rate over a wide pressure range.

Think Water Australia stores stock the range of Maric flow control valves. For more information on protecting your Centrifugal Pump from damage through the use of a flow control valve visit our Store Locator to contact your local Think Water store.


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