Selecting a Water Wise Irrigation Controller

Installing an automated watering system can not only save you time in the garden, it can save you water and money too!

By looking for the following features when choosing an irrigation controller, you can be sure you will be getting the most out of your irrigation system, while minimising water use.

Season Adjust

A season adjust feature allows you to adjust your watering programs to suit the different seasons, without re-programming the controller. Simply adjust the watering time up or down by a percentage of the peak watering month for the year.  As the weather cools each month, the controller will automatically lower the run times, ensuring you don’t over water during wetter months. As the season warms up again, it will automatically increase the run times to suit.

Rain Delay

A rain delay allows you to manually suspend programmed watering during periods of rain or if the garden doesn’t need watering. Typically the next scheduled watering time is skipped with normal programming resuming in the next watering cycle.

Repeat Cycles (Multiple Start Times)

A controller with multiple start times for each program will allow you to cycle your watering. By cycling your watering you will achieve better absorption by the garden and reduce water loss to run off, while also preventing pooling. For example you may choose to run a 10 minute watering cycle followed by a 20 minute break and another 10 minutes watering instead of 20 minutes continuous watering.

Rain or Soil Sensor Connectivity

Connecting a rain or soil moisture sensor to your controller will automatically shut off scheduled watering during periods of rain or when the ground is already wet. This automatically prevents overwatering without manual intervention.

Battery Backup

Look for a controller with a backup battery.  This will keep your stored watering schedule should the main power supply to the controller be cut. Once the power is restored watering will resume as per your stored programs, eliminating the need to re-program your controller. In some instances the controller can continue to operate using the backup battery power for a short period.

Toro Australia, a Think Water Preferred Supplier, have a variety of irrigation controllers for residential applications that include the above water wise features. Select from the Toro DDC and TMC-212 models, available in indoor and outdoor verisions or the Irritrol KwikDial and RainDial models.

For more information on selecting the controller to best suit your needs visit our Store Locator and contact your local Think Water store.


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