Wastewater Treatment at Whitsunday Airport, QLD

Think Water Whitsunday was recently appointed to a project at Whitsunday Airport where a system was to be put into place to treat black water to ‘A grade’ standards and distribute this through an irrigation system on to the runway area.

Project Details:

The airstrip at Whitsunday Airport has been lengthened to 1400 metres and had bitumen lain. There are 57 privately owned house sites along the runway which will produce the black water to be treated.

A layout of the irrigation system was designed to include the pumps, tanks and also, pipe and sprinkler sizes. 100mm PVC pipe was used for the main lines, 90mm Poly pipe was used for under the run ways and around 8.4Km of 50mm PVC pipe was used for the laterals under the air strip. We also used 50mm Poly pipe for the main lines around the buildings.

The airstrip will be watered using ‘A grade’ recycled water, supplemented by Bore water. There are 4 bores on the grounds which are able to supply approximately 50,000 Litres/Hour – these will be used to fill two 50,000L storage tanks. As well as these tanks, a 50,000L storage tank is used for the recycled water.

A Grundfos CRE45-5 constant pressure unit, designed to deliver 32,000 Litres/Hour, is being used for the irrigation system. The same is also available as a standby. A probe in the recycled water tanks operates two electric valves, and using the CRE, will first empty the recycled water before automatically switching to the reserved bore water tank.

The system includes a Hunter ACC controller, decoder system, Hunter ICV flow regulating solenoid valves, Hunter I20 stainless steel rotor sprinklers and Hunter Pros 4 with MP2000 rotor heads. In total over 600 sprinklers and 20 irrigation stations will be used in this project.

Visit the website for more details: WAVE - Whitsunday Aviation Village



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