Water Transfer and Storage Dam at Alpine Nursery, NSW

Alpine Nursery, a large wholesale operation located in Sydney and Alstonville, engaged Think Water’s Alstonville branch to come up with a solution to their problem of transferring relatively large volumes of water from a spring fed dam into a lined 8 Megalitre irrigation storage dam.

Project Details:

The aforementioned storage dam is used to harvest rainfall and recycle irrigation runoff from the nursery areas, thereby retaining both water and nutrients for reuse that would otherwise be lost to the nursery, potentially finding its way into local waterways.

During prolonged dry periods, it becomes necessary for the nursery manager to supplement the rainwater and irrigation reuse storage with water from a spring fed dam. It is during these periods of high plant water consumption and little rainfall that the health and wellbeing of the nursery stock is totally reliant on irrigation and a dependable supply pump.
The original pump unit was diesel powered, manually operated and not efficient for the application. Alpine management required an electric unit to be installed so that the dam fill process could be automated. It was important that the pump unit recommended be quiet, reliable and energy efficient.

To meet their requirements, Think water Alstonville designed a pumping system to transfer 54,000 Litres/Hour from the spring into the holding dam.

The pump unit selected was a 4 kW 1440 rpm submersible Grundfos SEV series pump, mounted under a polyethylene pontoon. The pump system maintains dam level automatically by interfacing with the irrigation controller and a level sensor (pressure Transducer) located in the storage dam. In this way water level can be monitored and managed within the storage dam to ensure that there is always adequate freeboard available to collect storm water and irrigation runoff, yet at the same time dam levels never get so low that the irrigation supply to the nursery is compromised. 


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