Why use KISSS (‘Capillary Irrigation Sub-surface Systems’)?

This tip has been provided by Think Water Adelaide.

There have not been vast technological advances with most typical subsurface drip irrigation systems over the past forty years, until now. The KISSS subsurface capillary irrigation system is quickly changing the way people, from all over the world, view subsurface irrigation systems.

KISSS irrigation is different from drip irrigation because it uses capillary action to evenly distribute water throughout the soil. It does this by dispersing water out into the soil at the precise rate for the specified irrigated soil type. Our technology ensures the water distribution will be even and efficient; only watering in areas that need water. Because of such even distribution the KISSS system uses LESS WATER than drip Irrigation and LESS WATER than sprinklers; wetting more soil volume.

KISSS has changed irrigation for all applications, including subsurface sports field irrigation, drip irrigation for agriculture, and green roof irrigation systems, as well as subsurface irrigation applications for large commercial and municipal projects.

There are many advantages to using the KISSS System including, but not limited to:

1. KISSS minimizes tunnelling of water to the surface

This is a problem typically due to dispersion; this is due in part to the polyurethane backing on the material.

2. KISSS prevents initial gravitational loss of water

This allows the soil more time to absorb the water before gravity starts to cause percolation.

3. KISSS produces a double backing wetting pattern

This pattern is three times the width of drip line.

4. KISSS produces uniformly moist soil

This increases oxygen concentration for vital plant development.

5. KISSS has an infinite number of dripper points on the geo-textile layer

This allows it to maintain a larger dripper pore size, which is more likely to minimize plugging. This also ensures a more continuous and evenly distributed wetted row.

6. KISSS is suitable for fertilising

When fertilizing through the KISSS system the plant is able to receive an even distribution of vital nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorous, in a more uniform manner because the geo-textile material creates even distribution over the length of the line rather than oversaturation near a single emitter.

7. KISSS can save you money

For the same surface area, KISSS can be installed in turf using less than half the amount of standard drip lines.

8. KISSS does not cause pooling on the surface of the field

This can often be caused due to excessive saturation around a dripper.

9. KISSS reduces the need for mechanical aeration

Due to the high levels oxygen maintained in the soil, mechanical aeration is no longer required. However, if aeration is required, this can be done through the KISSS system.

10. KISSS prevents root intrusion

With the capillary irrigation system implemented, root intrusion is no longer an issue because the root follows a moisture gradient and the emitter is fully protected by the geo-textile fabric.

KISSS is distributed in Australia by Toro, a Think Water Preferred Supplier. To locate you nearest store visit our Store Locator.


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