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Think Water is a franchise group of water, irrigation and pumping specialists. The group currently has 45 stores in Australia and New Zealand.

We welcome franchise enquiries for territory opportunities in both countries.


Think Water was formed in 2007 by 33 like-minded irrigation and pumping business owners who wanted to develop a national brand and business services, which they found time consuming and costly to do as independent businesses.

Think Water has maintained and supported an independent business culture, which allows for flexibility and growth. The franchise gives structure and brand consistency to stores across both Australia and New Zealand.  

Our network of stores have years of experience, which they are willing to share. As you know there a few challenges in irrigation and pumping! Whether it's finding a specific product or working out the best way to set up a river pump, someone in Think Water has done it and more importantly, is prepared to share their knowledge with other Members.

Are you an independent irrigation business looking to the future?

We offer a large number of business support services and a national brand across Australia and New Zealand to support and grow your business.

Our relationship with Preferred Suppliers not only allows for better buying but gives you local support when issues occur.

Maybe you're are a corporate employee looking to build your future within your own business, then Think Water can offer you some significant advantages.

If you're interested, why not talk to us? Submit an enquiry via the link below and we'll be in touch. Feel free to call any of our existing Members - after all they are the business!

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