Irrigation Systems

We specialise in system design, installation, and maintenance of irrigation systems and reticulation systems.

Pump Systems

We specialise in system design, supply, installation and maintenance of innovative and efficient pumping systems.

Fire Fighting Equipment

The threat from a fire can strike at any time, particularly in regional areas during summer. Preparation and the correct fire fighting equipment are a key factor in protecting your assets and loved ones.

Hose, Fittings, Valves & Pipes

When it comes to hose, fittings, valves and pipes, Think Water is your local expert and supplier. From garden hose to hydraulic hose or a simple sprinkler valve we have a complete range instore.

Filtration & Water Treatment

Do you really know what is in your water? Whether you are drinking it, watering the plants or using it in a coffee machine, what’s in your water matters.

Dams, Ponds & Water Features

Whether you are looking for a serene fountain, water feature or garden pond or needing to aerate your dam for better water quality Think Water stores have the products and capability to assist you.

Rainwater Harvesting & Storage

Water is our most precious resource. Drought and the need for water restrictions increase every year as does the cost of everyday water usage. Rainwater harvesting and storing is a great way to save money and reduce the effect of water restrictions.

Solar-powered Pump Systems

Think Water designs, supplies, installs and maintains solar pump systems utilising state of the art technology and high quality manufactured products from an elite collection of Preferred Suppliers and manufacturers.

Stock Watering Systems

Stock watering systems are complex water delivery systems involving many components including, water quality, troughs, pumps, solar panels, bore pumps, nutrient injection and filtration.

Think Water Adelaide offers a broad collection of complete start to finish services to all customers. We work with you to design innovative and effective systems to suit your budget and application. Our team will then supply the products, complete installation and carry out scheduled maintenance.

Our services are delivered by certified and licenced technicians. We operate under strict safety standards and maintain first aid certification. When additional trades are required we only work with licenced plumbers and electricians.

Our showroom has a broad selection of irrigation, pumping, filtration and water treatment products. We have the capability and product knowledge to assist with all pumps big or small including fire protection equipment, garden ponds and water features, rainwater harvesting, pressure cleaning equipment, stock watering systems and solar pump systems. We also stock a complete selection of hose, fittings, pipes and valves to complete any project.

Scheduled Maintenance Services

Once your irrigation system has been installed you can rely on our Scheduled Maintenance Service to keep your system in top shape. Maintenance ensures that you get the most value and performance from your investment.

Sadly not all emergencies can be prevented but with regular servicing, however, they can be minimised. We find simple things such as missing or blocked sprinkler heads or broken pipes can cause expensive losses and damage. These sorts of problems are regularly found during scheduled maintenance and, if found early, can be corrected with minimal cost.

Our scheduled maintenance services have improved efficiencies and reduced costs for local councils, schools, businesses, and residential clients. We maintain effective partnerships with these bodies to get quality work done on time and within budget.

Irrigation Systems

Whether you are looking for a completely new irrigation system or troubleshooting and maintenance for your existing irrigation system, Think Water Adelaide has the expertise to design the system, supply the parts, complete the install and schedule maintenance. From buried drip systems for recycled water to remote-controlled and monitoring systems Think Water Adelaide offers solutions.

Pump Services

Think Water Adelaide offers a wide variety of pump services including product selection, system design, servicing and installation. From water pressure systems to pool and spa pumping systems, we have the capability and experience to offer service residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural clients.

Filtration and Water Treatment

From household systems to industrial systems we have filtration and water treatment solutions. Including but not limited to automatic or manual filtration systems, wastewater filtration, UV water filters, tank water filters and more, talk to our sales staff for more information.

Bore Pumps

Think Water Adelaide is qualified and experienced in the selection, installation and maintenance of bore pumps. Our showroom has a large collection of pumps from various brands including Grundfos and Davey in stock.


If you have a burst pipe or blockage in need of repair, Think Water Adelaide is here to help. We have a wide selection of pipes and fittings available.

Plumbing Services

Our technicians have restricted plumbing licences enabling them to install irrigation systems and deal with backflow. They have extensive product knowledge as a result of factory training from industry suppliers and are available to assist you with product selection for your project.

Onga Pump Shop

As an official Onga Pump Shop we offer expert advice, sales and repairs on all Onga Pumps. Our team have the qualifications and experience to service all Onga products.

Submersible Drainage Systems

Floodwaters and tank water movement both require the assistance of a submersible pump. We have the know-how and the products to help out.

Wastewater Services

Whether you require filtration, irrigation or pumping, Think Water Adelaide has the expertise to design a system that will allow you to reuse your wastewater for irrigation purposes or dispose of it safely.

Tag and Test Services

We understand the importance of safety in the work place and everyday life, that said we are qualified to tag and test your electrical appliances or power tools to ensure they are electrical compliant and safe to use.