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Advanced Industrial Products are one of Australia's leading supplier of industrial PVC hose and fittings and are 100% Australian Owned. AIP hoses ,clamps and valves are used by industry, agriculture, mining, landscape and home owners.

AIP are  a Think Water Preferred Supplier 

All Think Water stores have stocks of industrial hose and fittings, the range is extensive and includes the following products as well as existing stock Think Water stores can order in to meet your specific requirements.

The product range from AIP includes PVC and industrial rubber hose suitable for all industry applications, hose clamps, valves including brass, stainless steel and PVC, both tested and non-tested and frost resistance valves are also available. Butterfly valves, Stortz fittings, camlocks including aluminium, stainless steel, Nyglass and poly camlocks, brass and galmal fittings, garden hose and garden fittings.

From the smallest to the largest application for hoses, valves and fittings.

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Stainless Steel ClampStortz FittingNyglass CamlockWafer Check Valve

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