Automatic Screen Filters – New Range From Rivulis

January 2018

Rivulis has taken the filtration world by storm with the launch of an exclusive new line of automatic screen filters manufactured by STF-Filtros. The launch is the result of an exclusive global deal with STF-Filtros to distribute their filter range worldwide.

STF Filtros is a global leader in filtration with all screen and media filtration products developed and manufactured at the company’s huge 6-hectare production facility based in Monzon, in the north of Spain.

This exclusive agreement means that Think Water stores are able to offer a larger range of filtration products as a cost-effective filtration solution. The manufacturing standard of these filters are excellent and a cut above many current suppliers to the Australian market.

Rivulis F3240 Automatic Screen Filter (Parallel)
Rivulis F3240 Automatic Screen Filter (Parallel)

The range has been designed and built to suit the needs of Australian irrigators, especially those using drip irrigation. Their solutions appeal to a comprehensive range of growers from large corporate businesses to the smallest hobby farmer and every grower in between.

The range includes self-cleaning (automatic) screen filters in both hydraulic and electric drive formats for primary filtration, media filters for primary filtration, and a range of manual and semi-automatic screen filters for secondary, in-field filtration situations.

Talk to your local Think Water store for more information and a solution to your filtration needs.