Success for all with centre pivot irrigation

December 2019

In late 2019, the Howie family of Bindaroo Pastures, contacted Think Water Callide Valley to discuss the installation of a centre pivot irrigation system on their farm in Douglas Daly, NT.

Bindaroo Pastures is renowned for its jarra grass and legume cavalcade hay production along with various other harvesting seeds, popping corn, mungbeans, sorghum, and cotton.

After discussing their options with the team at Think Water Callide Valley the decision was made to install a seven-span Reinke Alumigator centre pivot. This lightweight centre pivot irrigator is constructed using marine-grade aluminum resulting in high corrosion resistance, less maintenance, and a longer-lasting system.

The 14-day installation project included mainline trenching and the construction of foundations for two pivot pads. The team worked alongside a local pump tradesman who installed a pump for the water supply, while a CJ Perry generator was also installed to supply power to the pivot engine.

Nelson A3000 sprinklers were chosen for their excellence in uniformity, precise water delivery technique, and ability to minimise conditions that cause runoff and erosion. The A3000 is a hybrid sprinkler which utilises both spinning and rotator technology to maximise throw distance and minimise evaporative loss at low flow rates.

Following the completion of the centre pivot irrigation system installation, the Howie family planted their first field of cotton achieving a new milestone and huge success for their farm. The field has since seen crops of popping corn and mungbeans.

The Callide Valley team are highly qualified in all aspects of centre pivots and lateral move irrigators and continue to provide maintenance and servicing for the centre pivot at Bindaroo Pastures.