Dairy Farm Water System – Solar-powered Solutions

December 2014

In late 2014 Think Water Smithton was contacted by local farm owners John and Vicki Lillico for assistance with their dairy farm water system. The farm water supply was unreliable and of poor quality and they were looking to expand the capacity of the system to supply water to the dairy heat exchanger and paddock troughs in the event of a power outage.

After an in-depth discussion with John about their needs, and their own strong knowledge of the local conditions, the team at Think Water Smithton recommended drilling a new bore right next to the dairy and fitting it with a quality Grundfos submersible variable speed drive solar-powered pump. To deal with the water quality issues a water filter was recommended.

The 95m borehole is fitted with a Grundfos SP14A-25 (7.5kw) and CUE external variable speed drive. The pump components are made from stainless steel, to ensure high corrosion resistance and are fitted with a 7.5 kw MS4000 motor with sand shield, mechanical shaft seal, water lubricated journal bearings, and a volume compensating diaphragm. The external CUE drive allows additional functionality and control compared to fixed-speed systems and provides easy installation and commissioning.

Dairy Farm water system - Solar Powered Solution

The pump has been running without any issues since its installation and has delivered a more reliable dairy farm water system and stock water supply.

“Through the addition of a new bore with a Grundfos submersible pump and VSD drive, we could supply both the dairy and stock water as required with a reliable, energy-efficient supply of clean water.

“The pump can also be run by solar power, meaning that the stock water supply is secured, even in a power outage,” says Conrad of Think Water Smithton.

“We’re really happy with the results achieved with the new pump. The team at Think Water Smithton were able to listen to our needs and suggest a system that is a vast improvement on the old one. The new pump runs almost all the time and we know that if we ever run into trouble, we have the support of a local expert,” says John Lillico.