Diesel Pumps – Range, Reliability, and Performance.

February 2020

Rodney Industries diesel pumps and motors are available at participating Think Water stores. Their range offers the ideal solution for your remote and transportable diesel pump needs. The quality build and features stand out and have proven to exceed customer performance expectations.

Rodney Industries understands the importance of range, reliability, and performance. This is why we offer a selection of pumps and motors suitable for diesel pump sets that include additional product features like ABS roof, rooftop engine running indicator light, and work light for around the unit when you need to be out on-site at night.

Diesel Pumps by Rodney Industries available at participating Think Water stores

Leading international brands include Iveco, Lombardini-Perkins, and John Deere diesel motors, coupled with reliable Caprari and Rovatti Pumps that are ideal for water transfer, operating hard and soft hose irrigators, as well as hose pull laterals.

The pump units come pre-tested and ready to connect and include suction and discharge, four and six-cylinder diesel engines mounted on a trailer with an in-built fuel tank ready to go.

The centrifugal flanged pump is coupled to the engine through a flexible joint. ELCOS CEM 250/00 control panel with electric system, engine control device, a transducer for high pressure and low-pressure alarm, 24-hour timer, and battery.

Rodney Industries Diesel Pump in action

These pump units have become increasingly popular with dealer and end-users alike, providing a quality product every time, that saves time and labour while covering a broad range of performance requirements. With well over 100 of these various units now in service, it provides a valuable asset to the client.