Drip Irrigation – Think Water Leeton

September 2020

Pat Tavella contacted Think Water Leeton in August 2020 to discuss utilising two existing pumps to service an additional drip irrigation system on their farm in Leeton, New South Wales. The eastern pump was servicing an overhead sprinkler and drip system while the western pump was only servicing an overhead sprinkler system.

Pat Currie owner of Think Water Leeton surveyed the existing infrastructure and with his design team came up with a complex submain and valving system to service an additional drip irrigation system on the western edge of the property.

Complex submain and valving system to service drip irrigation system

The eastern pump was already supported by a Netafim filtration system which was upgraded to include four 30 inch Netafim Media Filters with remote operation via a Netafim NMC-RAC Irrigation Control Product.

The pumps were upgraded with a variable speed drive to facilitate more pressure control for the existing and new drip irrigation system. A valve cluster was installed to achieve maximum hydraulic benefit while saving on running and infrastructure costs in the long term.

Valve Cluster installed to achieve maximum hydraulic benefit

There were many challenges in the installation including the need for the existing asbestos cement spray lines to remain intact where possible. This required a precautionary asbestos safety plan to ensure our workers remained safe while on the job.

The farm also requested the ability to fill spray tanks with water from the Netafim Media Filters as required. This wasn’t the main purpose for the filtration systems but was a criterion that assisted with convenience on the farm.

This project highlights extensive knowledge and expertise that was demonstrated by the team at Think Water Leeton. The existing pumps and filtration systems were upgraded to provide a comprehensive sustainable and innovative water system for the farm. While the new western drip irrigation system provided support for the existing overhead sprinkler system. While the extended filtration system allowed for more convienence when filling spraying equipment out on the property.