Think Water Dunsborough’s team of can-do experts offer a wide variety of services in the water management industry.  Our services include:

Pump Services

We specialise in servicing of bore, domestic, irrigation, commercial and solar pumps.  Stocking brands such as Orange, Davey and Grundfos.  Our team are factory trained and qualified to assist you with pump selection, system design, installation and servicing.  We also offer an after hours pump repair service for new and existing customers in the Cape to Cape Region.


Think Water Dunsborough provide expert advice on the planning, supply of materials and installation of both domestic and commercial reticulation.  Our experienced technicians also travel to repair and maintain your reticulation systems.  Alternatively, please visit our store for a comprehensive range of high quality reticulation products.

Filtration and Water Treatment

Think Water Dunsborough are water filtration specialists, offering an extensive range of systems for both scheme and rainwater.  Our skilled team can provide expert advice on which system will suit your and your family’s needs, specialising in Puretec products.

Think Water Dunsborough also service the commercial industry with the most advanced water filtration and treatment systems available.

Our team of filtration experts will happily install your new system as well as repair your existing system.  We also provide a reminder facility for your yearly filtration service, ensuring you have peace of mind that you are experiencing all the benefits of your filtration system.

Think Water Dunsborough are also the go to company in the South West for iron removal systems for clients on bore water. 

For more information, please visit our store to view our extensive Puretec range.

Fire Mitigation

Think Water Dunsborough are the leaders in providing expert advice on design, supply, install and service of heat sensor start and remote start fire mitigation systems.  These systems ensure buildings (home, holiday house, sheds) are protected from a bush fire, without the requirement to be manually turned on. 

Fire Protection

Think Water Dunsborough offer advice on customised fire protection systems.  Working closely with other local business’s in the Cape to Cape Region we build easy to use fire fighting equipment specific for your needs. 

Irrigation Services

Think Water Dunsborough, working closely with Australia’s leading suppliers, can design innovative, sustainable and efficient irrigation systems for your vineyard, orchard or grove – domestic or commercial.  Supplying the products we will expertly install the system and will be available to service or repair when you need it. 

We will also provide an additional yearly ‘check up’ service, for peace of mind that your irrigation system is working efficiently and effectively.


Think Water Dunsborough are an agent for all leading tank providers.  We can supply and install tanks, tank liners and tank roofs. 

We also specialise in tank site gauges, including remote level sensing, to ensure you have full knowledge and control of your tank water level, regardless of where you are.

Rental Property Services

Think Water Dunsborough specialise in providing reticulation, pump, filtration and water treatment services to holiday, second home and rental property owners and real estate agents in the South West.  We can offer you peace of mind by checking your reticulation and pumps are in working order before summer, turn off your reticulation when winter arrives, plus many other services.