Dust Suppression System: Blue Metal Quarry, Dubbo

June 2018

Maas Civil owns and operates a blue metal quarry on the eastern side of Dubbo in central NSW. Think Water Dubbo was awarded the contract to design and install a dust suppression system, allowing quarry operators to automatically turn on and off components of the system for truck movements and general use of the plant.

Maas Quarry Dubbo - Dust Supression Project - Think Water Dubbo
Maas Quarry Dubbo, Central New South Wales

Dust suppression is important to reduce dust as a result of the operation of the quarry in windy conditions on-site and in the local area. The $125,000+ design and installation project required the following system criteria to produce the desired end result.

  • Dust suppression sprays for the crushing unit, hardstand and stockpiles
  • Removal of excess water from the catchment of the hardstand area e.g. rainfall onto a vegetated amenity bund
  • Application of water on the stockpiles to obtain a certain moisture level
  • A bore pumping system to replenish the dam and supply water to the workshop and crushing plant
  • A controller system operated by the loader on the handstand by phone, tablet or computer.

A vast array of components and products were used to build the system and meet the dust suppression system standards.

Komet Ultra 101 24 inch Big Guns were mounted onto 2-inch gal risers then anchored to concrete barrier blocks, with Hunter ICV 50mm valve and Philmac 50mm poly valves to achieve sprays of approximately 40 m on the crushing unit, handstand and stockpiles. This system enabled the operation of two Komets simultaneously to deliver water at a rate of 15 litres per second to maintain the desired moisture levels in stockpiles.

Senninger sprays were spaced at 16 m intervals with 10 to a station saddled onto a 50mm HDPE PN10 metric pipe to irrigate the vegetated amenity bund. The comprehensive network required multiple solenoid valves, EF fittings, poly fittings and ball valves from AAP, Plasson and Philmac. A Galcon GSI controller was installed to automate and facilitate remote control of the system.

Water is sourced from a bore fed dam located on the property. A Grundfos SP30-6, 5.5kw duty 7l/sec at 450kpa bore was installed to replenish the dam. Two Davey pumps were installed in the pump station to irrigate the vegetated areas on the property and dust suppression sprays.

  • Davey ISO CM80x50 22kw delivering 20l/sec at 800kpa (including Davey Monsoon VSD Drive) for irrigation
  • Davey VM16-4 4kw delivering 200l/min at 500kpa for the dust suppression sprays.

The variable speed Davey VM16-4 is suitable for the wide range of uses that will be required in this area of the quarry. The pump station is housed in a shipping container on-site and is fed from the dam using a poly suction line on floats, designed and fabricated in-house at Think Water Dubbo using galvanised foot valves.

Remote control of the system is facilitated by a Galcon Smart Irrigation Controller – GSI, that utilised cloud-based technology to enable 24/7 watering schedules from a smartphone, tablet or PC. The software allows for manual or automated cycles with real-time alerts and secured online management accessible anywhere at any time.