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Five ways to prepare for fire season

Fire preparation is number one on our list of things to do in spring. The devastating effects of bush fires over the past few years has proven that preparation is the key to survival when it comes to these catastrophic events. While a variety of local factors come together to increase the risk of bushfire in your area ultimately the protection of your property comes down to you. We have put together this handy list to assist you with your preparations.

Make a fire escape Plan

1. Make a fire escape plan

It is important that you plan your escape route and set boundaries around staying or leaving in the case of a fire. Time is limited and you can find yourself in a position where you are trapped and cannot get to a safe area. Educate those around you about your fire escape plan to ensure that everyone has a chance at safety and knows what to.


Loose leaves, timber, rubbish, recycling and excess grass around your home are fuel for fires. Tidy up around your yard, prune low tree branches and mow long grass. Contact Guttervac to have your gutters cleaned. Create a firebreak around your property to decrease the chances of fires reaching it. 

3. Talk to an expert about firefighting equipment and water supply

Visit your local Think Water store and discuss your fire preparation plan, firefighting equipment and water supply. Replace broken hoses and fittings, service your pump and check that everything is in full working order in case it is needed. Think Water specialises in system design, installation, and servicing of everything water related. As your local water expert, they have the product knowledge and experience to assist you with services and advice about water supply and firefighting equipment.

4. Be prepared

Preparation is the key to survival. Position your portable pump near a large water source and check it regularly to ensure it is in full working condition. Install sprinklers, hoses, fittings, and valves so that they are ready to go when needed. Fire can enter your property as a tiny spark blown in by the wind. Firmly fix roofing so that hot embers cannot enter the roof cavity, install shutters or screens on your windows and enclose underfloor areas. 

Australian Emergency Alert

5. be fire aware

Pay attention to local announcements and alerts and be aware of your local fire danger signs. In the case of a catastrophic emergency early awareness is a great asset to keeping calm.

From fire safe water tanks to couplings, sprinklers, hose, pumps, and water supply your local Think Water store has a complete range of firefighting equipment to help you with fire preparation and protect your home, business, or property.
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