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Bushfire Threats

The threat from fire can strike at any time, particularly in regional areas during summer when the impact of bushfires can be devastating on people, property and communities.

Advanced preparation for these events is a key factor in mitigating the risk of bushfires. Your local rural fire service can give you advice about the best way to plan and prepare for the summer months.

A good place to start looking for information is a government fire service website where there are a number of resources to help plan your actions in the event of a bushfire around your home and community.

The link below is from the NSW Rural Fire Service.

NSW Rural Fire Service Fire Preparation 

Think Water Fire Mitigation Products

Think Water stores supply fire protection products to suit most customers requirements.

Products include firefighting pumps, hose kits, fire hoses, sprinklers, clamps, fire fighting nozzles and fittings. Steel tanks suitable for bushfire prone areas are also available, together with firefighting tank fittings to suit your local fire service, which may be a requirement.

The video below is from Think Water Dural in NSW and demonstrates the use of a Davey Firefighter®.

In addition to the wide range of products, Think Water can design fire mitigation systems which include water storage, remote start diesel pump systems, impact roof sprinklers and perimeter sprinklers.

Davey FirefighterCrusader Fire Hose

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