Fittings, Hose, Valves and Pipe

November 2021

If you regularly use plumbing supplies or irrigation equipment, you will already be aware that quality products are integral to the smooth running of any plumbing project or irrigation system. We have built up our list of preferred suppliers through a rigorous quality control system and by listening to feedback from our clients. Think Water is proud of its long association with our preferred suppliers, in particular our suppliers of irrigation fittings, hoses, valves, pipes and plumbing supplies in general. Respected suppliers of these items include Netafim, AAP, Rivulis, Plasson, AIP, WSP, Philmac, Vinidex, Iplex, Pipemakers, Austworld, Crusader Hose, and HR Products

Key products used in any irrigation or plumbing project are fittings, hoses, valves and pipes. Here we look at the purpose of each and some sample products from our preferred suppliers.


Fittings are used in irrigation systems to connect straight sections of pipe or tube. Irrigation fittings can also be used as adapters to connect different sizes and shapes of pipes. Interestingly, some fittings are used in irrigation solutions to help regulate or measure flow. Irrigation fittings come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a range of materials.

Brass fittings are particularly desirable on small diameter pipework because they have excellent corrosion resistance and are easier to thread together than irrigation fittings made from other materials due to the softness of the metal. Their durability and flexibility make brass fittings highly attractive in irrigation settings. When an irrigation or plumbing system needs a long service life, brass fittings bring quality to any irrigation solution. It is true that brass fittings cost a little more than poly fittings but in demanding irrigation settings the initial investment at the start of the project is worth it, saving further outlay on replacing irrigation fittings in the future.

One of our preferred suppliers of brass fittings is Austworld.

Philmac is another preferred supplier of plumbing supplies and irrigation equipment. Included in their range of irrigation fittings are threaded fittings made from high performance, UV resistant polypropylene material. They also have an excellent range of compression fittings, valves, filters and micro-irrigation equipment. All can be supplied through Think Water.


The use of quality hoses is integral to the success of any irrigation system, both for domestic use and commercial irrigation solutions.

Drinking water hose is manufactured for a specific purpose – drinking! Drinking water hose is used when there is no access to mains water, commonly used by owners of mobile homes, caravans or boats. A drinking water hose is also used in conjunction with a rainwater harvesting system, connecting the rainwater supply to the tap. Drinking water hose provides safe delivery of rainwater as it is specifically engineered so as not to impart a plastic taste, smell or toxins. A drinking water hose should be used in conjunction with a high-quality water filtration system. It is generally not recommended to drink water from a garden hose.

Dripline is a particular type of hose with an internally built drip emitter used in irrigation solutions. It comes in many different forms, colours and shapes. Dripline can be ordered with different dripper spacings, flow rates, diameter and wall thickness. Two of our preferred suppliers of dripline are Rivulis and Netafim.


Any irrigation solution or plumbing project relies on valves to control the flow of water. Think Water has a wide range of valves as part of our suite of irrigation and plumbing equipment supplies.

Two commonly used valves are butterfly valves and ball valves.

Butterfly valves regulate flow by starting, stopping or slowing the water used in irrigation. The valve typically consists of two semi-circular clappers hinged to a cross rib that permits flow in only one direction. It gets its name as it looks a little bit like a butterfly when it is turning. AAP Industries is a preferred supplier of butterfly valves.

Ball valves, as the name suggests, use a ball sandwiched between two seats to control the flow of the water. Philmac supplies Think Water with high-quality ball valves featuring benefits of frost resistance, robust construction and visual indicators among others. The reputation of these products is well known in the irrigation and plumbing industry.


Think Water stocks a full range of pipes commonly used in plumbing and irrigation systems, including PVC, PE and PP.

We are commonly asked about pressure pipes. Pressure piping is used to contain fluid at high pressure and is commonly used in irrigation systems for water supply and distribution. It is also an essential plumbing supply as it is used in many industrial processes and in heating and cooling systems. As you might expect, pressure pipes are typically used in conjunction with a pressure pump system. It is essential to use high-quality products from preferred suppliers like Iplex to avoid “blowouts” and ongoing maintenance problems with your irrigation system.

In addition to fittings, valves, hose and pipe, Think Water stocks a full range of irrigation equipment and supplies to bring your irrigation design to life, providing quality products for long term solutions. Talk to one of our team about how we can help you.