Think Water Adelaide

Amazingly helpful and friendly service. I will never go to a big hardware store for plumbing supplies again! I was helped to find water purifier connections and barb couplings to put a camper trailer water filter inline with a pump. I was also given advice on whole house water purifiers and a pump for irrigating the garden. The staff member also recommended a cheaper product than I had selected and gave advice against buying a replacement timer explaining how the existing one worked and what the likely fault was. The fix worked! My Kamper trailer also now has purified electrically pumped (instead of hand)- Chris

Having known the owners of Think Water Dunsborough for about 15 years, even before they came to be a part of Think Water, I trust that I can always count on them. It’s more than just loyalty that keeps me coming back to Think Water Dunsborough though, it’s their extensive knowledge of the industry and impeccable service. The Think Water Dunsborough team is composed of some of the best tradesmen you’ll ever come across – every single person on the team knows what they’re talking about. With them, you get service and attention to detail that some of the larger franchises could never provide you with. Whether we need help out on the field, with design work, with quotations for tenders, or anything in between, we always know we can rely on Think Water Dunsborough. Most of all, we love working with them because we believe in locals supporting locals. We know that when affiliate with other local businesses that not only are we getting the best, easiest service; we are also creating relationships. - Jason

Think Water Dunsborough

What a pleasant surprise when I went to Think Water Swan Hill this afternoon – old fashioned service is still alive. I was served by David Tofful who could not have been more helpful to me. I had limited knowledge of replacing the spray heads for my home sprinkler system but David went out of his way to explain and demonstrate what I needed to purchase and how to install the new sprinkler heads – and he did it in such a way that it was easy and straight forward to understand.

Think Water Swan Hill

All seems good, really good quality water. Left the dog bowl full for the two weeks we were on leave, absolutely no sediment or calcium crust on bottom or sides. Really happy with the results, thanks again. Regards Paul

Think Water Darwin

Just wanted to say how grateful we are to Ryan at Think Water Taupo for his help with our problematic water pump this week. Some oxygen weed had clogged the impellers and he managed to find a part that could fix the problem rather than install a whole new pump as we first feared. He came back the next day to check and gave us sound advice on charging our neighbors for their water usage. He also gave good advice on installing a flow alarm down the track to avoid damage to the pump. A top bloke - many thanks, Ryan!

Think Water Taupo

I have been dealing with Think Water Darwin from when they were operating as Delta Electrics and have always found them excellent to deal with. If they don’t know the answer straight away they find out. They are a great bunch of guys and stock quality products with full service and support after the sale. I recommend them as professionals with high standards of customer service and wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

Think Water Darwin

Big thanks to Think Water New Plymouth for converting our pool to a salt water system and teaching us how to use it properly. Lovely team, joy to work with.

Think Water New Plymouth

My experience of buying a new bore pump package from Think Water was Awesome! After my bore was drilled, putting in a new bore pump was more technical than I first thought. Stubby was recommended to me by a friend, I found him very experienced, dedicated & couldn’t do enough to help me. When I saw the relationship between the driller & Stubby that really put me at ease because the hand over was very professional. Think Water was really easy to do business with & I’ll have no problems recommending them to others. Great work, thanks again.

Think Water Darwin

We had trouble with our town supply and council were not interested, so went to Think Water West Coast and they sorted us out with with filters which have been amazing. Would recommend them to anyone who is not happy - yes it is a cost but so worthwhile.

Think Water West Coast

We have been dealing with Think Water ever since they began business in Te Puke. They have given good service to the rural sector of the district and played a part in the development of the dairy and kiwifruit industries. Neil and Judy have employed good, competent staff who can be relied upon. We wish them well for the future in their business.

Think Water Bay of Plenty

The bore pump system is great, but what impressed me the most was the service you provided.

Think Water Darwin

Judy and the team at Think Water have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and I believe it is mutual when I say that we are more like friends than business acquaintances and that goes for our wives as well. Over the years we have progressively developed and upgraded our kiwifruit orchards and also water services for the dwellings. Think Water has always provided expert advice on the best course of action and timely installation at each stage. And if anything breaks down at midnight then I know I can call Big Pete and he'll have it fixed within the hour. Well not quite, but I know I can count on him to get out of bed to come and help me and that is priceless for us.

Think Water Bay of Plenty

As a new home owner I sought the help of Think Water to assist with my domestic irrigation needs. The store was stocked with all the products I needed and the staff were professional and very helpful and able to answer all my questions. I will definitely be a return customer.

Think Water Darwin

Strathallan Farms has been a long standing customer of Think Water for over 18 years. During this time we have relied on their expertise and service to manage and drive our farming operations. It has been notable for the level of product knowledge they have passed on to us, as we go from project to project. This has ranged from the dairy farm requirements, including water reticulation, farm irrigation, to cowshed fitting and maintenance. Also our horticultural developments, both in avocados and kiwifruit, they have provided vital levels of support during and after the developments and have been key people we could rely on with each stage. This service has still continued till today. The key development has been the complete development of the Ngati Makino Trust development in partnership with Strathallan Farms, in the setting up of the dairy farm at Otamarakau. This included all of the dairy requirements mentioned above. A big job, done professionally, and on time.

The issues facing Think Water are the number of projects which may change from large scale developments to ones of adding value (i.e. frost protection, subdivision, and dairy shed replacement). All require water and servicing and management, to which they have strong local knowledge. The one thing that makes this company ahead of its game is the key personnel they have. Many (especially Pete 1 & Pete 2) have been there for a long time and are prepared to go the extra mile when required, and this certainly has not gone unnoticed from our perspective. We have really appreciated this level of service. This of course has been created by the environment Neil and Judy have in their business. Guiding the business to think, and be positive, yet allowing the staff to grow in their own strengths. They equally have been extremely easy to deal with, in the way the jobs get done and of course they have been extremely competitive in the pricing of these developments. We at Strathallan Farms, will continue to support Think Water whilst they continue to provide the level of support and knowledge to our farming businesses, as they have done in the past. We wish them all the best in the future.

Think Water Bay of Plenty

I am a long term customer of Think Water Darwin and have always received great service. I wish every store was as professional and easy to deal with.

Think Water Darwin

We have employed the services of Think Water since 1999. Over the years they have designed and built two mature vine irrigation systems and a young vine irrigation system for us on 3 Kiwifruit orchards. They have project-managed the construction of three deep wells and have also carried out maintenance and repair works for us on countless occasions on a number of systems and in all cases their work has been timely and of good standard. I have noted over the years with some satisfaction that their work has attempted to build in intelligent fail-safe extras that, hopefully in the future and has to date, circumvented later failures. Think Water's billing is always accurate, clearly described and easy to follow. Service has always been pleasant, prompt and efficient. We continue to enjoy good relations with all the staff at their shop in Te Puke and doing business with them is always a pleasure.

Think Water Bay of Plenty

I am a long term customer of Think Water working with them on many projects including a large water treatment system. Over the years the staff have been helpful, great to deal with and provide fantastic customer service.

Think Water Darwin

Edwards Irrigation Consulting would like to take this opportunity to confirm our pleasure in the way that Think Water Alstonville has handled our recent project of upgrading the Irrigation Pump Station at the Ballina Golf Club.

The works included:

  • Removal of existing pumps, pump controls, suction and discharge pipework and filtration.
  • Installation of new pumping plant, pump controls, tank level controls interface, new filtration, flow meter, suction and discharge pipework.

While not the most complex of projects Think Water Alstonville have undertaken, timing was critical to minimise the club’s irrigation downtime, and space inside the existing shed was at a premium.

Think Water Alstonville carried out the work within the prescribed time-frame, keeping both the client and consultant informed at all times.

The value of Think Water Alstonville’s project-management, attention to detail and willingness to go beyond the specification cannot be underestimated. All equipment was assembled in the Think Water Alstonville workshop prior to installation and all crucial dimensions verified before final pipework fabrication. The final accuracy of fit can be measured in millimetres.

It has been the most satisfying project we have had in the past thirty years of consulting.

We have no hesitation in recommending Think Water Alstonville for irrigation project work. They are to be commended for their attitude and professionalism.

We consider Think Water Alstonville to be the industry’s benchmark.

Chris Edwards
Senior Consultant

Think Water Alstonville

We recently purchased a Puretec tap and filter system from your company, Think Water Auckland. I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with the service provided by Mark.

From the time of my telephone enquiry to the time of the sale he has been most helpful. I was told by Puretec that it was impossible to obtain a Tripla 2 tap in New Zealand for about 4 weeks but Mark persevered and managed to obtain one for us.

It was a little surprising as I had no idea that in fact your main business was not taps but filter systems.

Anyway do please pass on our thanks to Mark for his initiative and perseverance in finding what I understand was indeed the last one available in New Zealand until further orders arrived.

Jean & John Hooper

Think Water Auckland

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