Think Water Franchise – Join Us

Think Water is a Member to Member franchise group of filtration, irrigation and pumping specialists, with 33 stores across Australia and 18 stores in New Zealand.

Group Background

Think Water was formed in Australia in 2007 by 33 independent like-minded, irrigation and pumping business owners. Their collective aim was to develop a national brand to support the small businesses in the industry and protect them from corporate buyout.

Think Water maintains and supports an independent business culture allowing flexibility and growth within the individual businesses. The franchise gives structure, support and brand consistency to stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.  

With many years of experience in the irrigation, filtration and pumping industry, fellow members in the Think Water network are available to share their experiences. Whether it’s finding a specific product or working out the best way to set up a pump system, someone in the group has done it, and more importantly, is prepared to share their knowledge.

Are you looking for a business opportunity?

Do you have an existing irrigation business that needs some assistance to make it to that next level? Are you looking for a new business opportunity?

The Think Water national franchise support team works with new and existing members to increase their profits and grow their business. We offer many support services supported by an established national brand including accounting, human resources, business mentoring and marketing.

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We also facilitate excellent professional relationships, valuing our preferred suppliers and ensuring that our members will always have a strong product catalogue. Our relationship with Preferred Suppliers not only allows for better buying but gives our businesses local access to represented support where needed.

All Think Water franchise members in Australia and New Zealand are fully supported by the National Support Office (NSO). Services include business mentoring, human resources, marketing, accounting support and administration assistance.

The Think Water Franchise Advantage:

  • Strong established national brand
  • Store development for internal and external branding and merchandising
  • Multiple channel marketing support
  • National buying power with Think Water Preferred Suppliers
  • Supplier advocacy
  • Business support
  • Human Resources support
  • Safety support
  • Business coaching
  • Succession planning
  • Exclusive industry network
  • Regional and National Conference
  • Networking opportunities with Members and Preferred Suppliers
  • Staff Training Support through Think Water Training School, Online Training Academy and Think Water Cadetship
  • IAL Group Membership

How to get more information

If you’re interested in joining our Member to Member Franchise, get in touch and complete the following form. Existing members can also assist you with information.