Grundfos Double Warranty No Extra Cost

Have peace of mind when you buy a Grundfos pump from Think Water by getting double normal warranty from a selected range of Grundfos pumps.

Normal Grundfos Warranty is 2 Years, now get 4 Years! 

Eligible Grundfos Pumps

  • ALL Grundfos 3" (SQ & SQE) Submersible Pumps
  • ALL Grundfos 4" (SP & SPA) Submersible Pumps
  • Selected Grundfos Domestic Pressure Systems (CME Booster, CM Booster Self-Priming, CM-PS, CM Basic, SB, SBA, SB with PMRain, JPB [formerly known as JP / JP-PM], JPB with PMRain, JPC and JPC with PMRain)
  • Selected Grundfos Domestic Wastewater Pumps (SOLOLIFT2 & UNILIFT [CC, KP, AP12, AP35, AP50, AP35B and AP50B])

To view the full listing of eligible pumps by model name, please click  Grundfos_Double_Warranty_Eligible_Product.

Futher Details can be found at Grundfos Double Warranty 

Terms And Conditions: Grundfos_Terms_Conditions_Double_Warranty_Promotion_

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