Grundfos Pump Set for Recycled Water System

October 2020

Think Water Leeton was contacted by JBS Riverina in October 2020 to design and install a Grundfos pump set and water storage tank for a recycled water system at the Riverina Feedlot, Farm, and Facility in Yanco, NSW.

The customer provided a detailed description of the purpose and benefits that the system would bring to the operation of their Abattoir and worked with the Team at Think Water Leeton while they tested and formulated a solution for the project.

An existing 110mm OD pipeline was pressure tested to make sure it could handle the water being transported from the Mix-pit to the Abattoir. The design flow was 40m3 per hour while the pressure required for the filter system was 450-700kpa. The testing took place over a 24 hour period at a static pressure of 750kpa giving us a thumbs up result for the pipeline’s anticipated duties.

The next step in the project included excavation and foundation construction of the slab for the water tank including under-boring and pipeline excavation. The construction areas were narrow and heavily congested with underground services which called for non-destructive excavation, ground-penetrating radar, and cable location devices to be used to ensure a positive outcome.

Once the pipeline and water storage were complete a Grundfos pump set was used to pump the water through the stages of the cycle. A Grundfos 18kW 65 x 40 x 250 pump was installed at the Mix-pit with a 160mm OD Poly Suction Line with a stainless-steel foot valve to pump the unfiltered water. Two Grundfos Vertical Multistage pumps were also installed downstream from the filtered water tank to deliver water to separate areas of the Abattoir.

An external contractor supplied and installed the filtration system to complete the project. The project was complete in a total of 14 days and resulted in a happy customer who benefited from a sustainable recycled water system.