Grundfos Solar

Grundfos solar has been sold in Australian since 1980's. Grundfos solar systems are tried and tested in the most remote and harshest conditions. This is why Think Water store services and sell Grundfos Solar.

Grundfos RSI Off Grid Solar Inverter

Grundfos have recently released the range of RSI Solar Inverters, which enable the use of solar for pumps upto 37kW.

The RSI is easy to use and install. The enclosure is IP66 rated, so resistant to rain, dust and sand. It handles ambient temperatures up to 60ºC. It can be placed underneath the solar panels reducing cable length, an important safety consideration.

The Grundfos RSI can also be switched to mains or generator power, giving you maximum flexibility.

For more details on the new Grundfos RSI Click on this link: Renewabls_ RSI_leaflet_HIGH

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