Trail Blazers in Water Harvesting Innovation

April 2019

Heritage Water Tanks - Rainwater Harvesting Solutions
Heritage Water Tank in Pale Eucalypt
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Heritage Water Tanks are one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of quality steel liner rainwater tanks, with an industry-leading 1mm wall profile and heavy-duty industrial-grade liner. Their comprehensive range includes tanks ranging in size from 17,000L to 375,000L.

In recent years, water storage and water security have been front of mind for many people in Australia, with more and more experiencing some of the worst drought conditions in history. A commonly held assumption in Australia is that rainwater tanks don’t provide significant water savings during drought, however, research has shown that yields from rainwater tanks are more resilient to droughts and climate change than runoff into dams supplying communities with water. Less water is also lost to evaporation using a closed tank system.

Rainwater tanks have the potential to provide additional water supply to help supplement water collected via dams and other sources during droughts. Rainwater tanks also provide during wetter periods, thereby offsetting demands from other sources during more plentiful times and allowing greater carryover storage in dams for use in droughts. This has the potential to improve overall reliability and to help drought proof your water supply.

Additional rainwater is captured from the roof of the water tank.

Heritage Water Tanks is an innovation leader in rainwater harvesting technology who have developed their own revolutionary patented water collecting Eva Rain Circular Tank Gutter System, enabling customers to collect additional water from the roof of their rainwater tank.

Eva Rain Circular Tank Gutter System by Heritage Water Tanks
Installing the patented Heritage Water Tanks revolutionary water collecting gutter system.

Harvested rainwater enables homes and businesses to save on water bills and secure a reservoir of water for their homes, pools, irrigation, stock, fire fighting and spray water for farms and in commercial operations.

Heritage Water Tanks Company Director, Murray Tognela said that the Company is committed to offering access to high-quality water storage and distribution systems for the Irrigation and Agricultural Industries in Australia. “We understand the importance of having secure and reliable access to water and are very proud to be in a position to be able to offer high-quality products and services to the local community.” He said.