Household Water Filters

November 2021

Household water filters are becoming increasingly popular as consumers become more health-conscious and proactive about the quality of their household water. Which poses the question, “Do you need to filter your water?”

It is not unreasonable to expect that when you turn on a tap that is connected to mains pressure, the water will have been tested, treated and filtered. But that is not the end of the story. For example, chlorine may have been added to the water or the water may have travelled through old lead or copper pipes. For some people, this causes health problems and specific water filtration solutions are needed.

If you are not connected to mains water and source your water from a dam, bore or rainwater tank, then you will definitely need to design a water filtration system to ensure your household water is safe for human consumption.

Water filtration systems for households come in many forms: on the bench, above the bench, tap mounted, under the bench or whole household. While they may all look a little different, the key to their effectiveness is the filter medium itself. In households, this typically takes the form of a filter cartridge. The filter cartridge filters out fine particles of sediment, bacteria and impurities. The type of water filter you install will depend on just what it is you are trying to remove. Think Water can help you with advice on the most appropriate water filter for you.

The cartridges themselves are very cost-effective. Many models of filter cartridges can be cleaned and reused. Most only need to be replaced about once every 6 months.

Types of Water Filter Cartridges

Pleated Water Filter

Pleated water filters are sometimes referred to as surface filters because of their pleated design. The pleated design increases surface area, offering more opportunities to remove fine particles, sediment and bacteria. The filtration takes place on the surface of the pleated membrane. The trapped particles form another layer of filtration. The larger surface area also allows for excellent flow rates and high efficiency. When the water pressure drops you will know it is time to either clean or replace your water filter cartridge.

The Puretech Pleated Sediment Cartridge offers an excellent filtration solution for households, caravans, commercial and industrial applications.

Carbon Water Filter

Carbon filters use absorption to remove contaminants. Contaminants are attracted to the carbon and retained, allowing the filtered water to pass through. There are two main types of carbon filters: the first uses granulated carbon while the second uses compressed carbon to form a carbon block filter. Carbon block filters are typically used to remove sediment, pesticides and heavy metals. Granulated carbon is typically used in water filter cartridges to improve the taste or odour of water, removing contaminants such as chlorine or hydrogen sulfide. Granulated carbon block filter cartridges generally have a higher flow and are suitable for household water filtration.

Puretech has a range of carbon block cartridges and granular carbon cartridges suitable for use in household filtration systems. The DP series of cartridges from Puretech offer a combination approach, offering the dual purpose of both carbon block and granulated carbon filtration.

Poly Pleated Water Filter

Poly pleated water filter cartridges are typically used in the removal of sediment in a household filtration system. Poly pleated water filters still provide maximum flow (up to 200 litres per minute) and are available in various sizes (microns) to filter different types of sediment. In more complex filtration systems, they are commonly used in the first stage of filtration to remove larger sediment, dust and algae before moving on to UV filtration for example.

Polyester pleated cartridges are very practical. The cartridge can be removed for easy cleaning and is able to be cleaned and reused several times before needing replacement. Their high surface area, increased by pleating, results in longer run lengths, high flow and capture rates while maintaining water pressure and cost-effectiveness.

Davey is a preferred supplier of Poly Pleated Water Filter Cartridges.

Polyspun Water Filter

When designing a water filtration system, the team at Think Water will sometimes recommend the use of a polyspun water filter. These types of water filters are commonly used in the second stage of a filtration system to remove sediment, rust, sand, silt and algae.

Puretech offers an economical polyspun filter that is constructed from virgin polypropylene. It is spun and melted simultaneously, which means there is no need for a central core that would restrict filter performance.

Davey also offers a range of water filters that are fully spun, with thousands of interlocking thermally-bonded fibres. They are extremely popular in the treatment of drinking water and in the food industry, making them perfect for household use.

UV Light Filter

Household water can come from a range of sources other than mains water including dams, streams, bores and rainwater tanks. Water from these sources and the surfaces that collect the water (like your house roof) may contain small organisms which can make you feel unwell and pose a risk to your health. Health departments of most advanced countries recomme nd that all naturally sourced water should be professionally tested and treated before being used for human consumption and in the preparation of food or beverages.

Ultraviolet light filters are a very effective method of water disinfection. Ultraviolet light is very effective in destroying microorganisms, impairing their cellular function so they cannot grow. As the UV light needs to penetrate the microorganisms to be effective, it is important to pre-filter water before treating it with a UV light filter. Our team at Think Water can help you with water testing and design a UV light filtration solution for you.

Puretech has a very effective range of UV Light Filters which kill 99.9% of bacteria while being environmentally friendly and chemical-free.

Think Water are experts in water filtration and keep up to date with the latest developments in water filters. Talk to us about your particular water filtration needs. We will be happy to point you in the right direction or help you design and install a complete water filtration system for your home.