The IBC Adaptor in High Demand

April 2021

The IBC Adaptor is used with Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) tanks and is one of the latest additions to NORMA Group’s extensive Water Management range. Keep reading to learn more about the connector and why it is in high demand within Australia.

IBC tanks are constructed of high-density polyethylene, or heavy-duty UV stabilised linear low-density polyethylene, with an external galvanised steel protective cage. The plastic containers are designed to store 1000L of hazardous or non-hazardous liquids. IBC is frequently used by farmers, mining companies, and refueling suppliers. Once emptied, they are commonly used for storing rainwater. Generally, you will see these tanks in dry, drought-ridden regions where they are used as remote rainwater tanks.

IBC Adaptor Example from Norma Group
IBC container as sheep hotel

IBC tanks come with a unique thread which is not compatible with Australian BSP threads. As such, it can be difficult to adapt from these tanks to a working solution. For this reason, an IBC adaptor such as the “NIBC50” connector is a must!

IBC Connector by Norma Group
“NIBC50” connector

The “NIBC50” connector’s design incorporates dual Viton seals to ensure excellent chemical compatibility. Manufactured at one of NORMA Group’s plants, they are reusable, lightweight, safe, and reliable.