Irrigation Systems

We specialise in system design, installation, and maintenance of irrigation systems and reticulation systems.

Pump Systems

We specialise in system design, supply, installation and maintenance of innovative and efficient pumping systems.

Filtration & Water Treatment

Do you really know what is in your water? Whether you are drinking it, watering the plants or using it in a coffee machine, what’s in your water matters.

Rainwater Harvesting & Storage

Water is our most precious resource. Drought and the need for water restrictions increase every year as does the cost of everyday water usage. Rainwater harvesting and storing is a great way to save money and reduce the effect of water restrictions.

Solar-powered Pump Systems

Think Water designs, supplies, installs and maintains solar pump systems utilising state of the art technology and high quality manufactured products from an elite collection of Preferred Suppliers and manufacturers.

Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Pressure cleaning is a great way to get the job done and save on water consumption. Whether you are after professional machinery or a home and garden system your local Think Water Leeton has a comprehensive range available.

Hose, Fittings, Valves & Pipes

When it comes to hose, fittings, valves and pipes, Think Water is your local expert and supplier. From garden hose to hydraulic hose or a simple sprinkler valve we have a complete range instore.

Stock Watering Systems

Stock watering systems are complex water delivery systems involving many components including, water quality, troughs, pumps, solar panels, bore pumps, nutrient injection and filtration.

Spray Equipment

Whether you have some prickles to spray in your front lawn or an entire crop to protect from weeds, Think Water has the spray equipment you need.

Think Water Leeton offers a wide variety of services involving pumps, irrigation, water treatment and filtration. Our clients include local suburban and rural residents, agricultural, commercial and industrial businesses and local councils, schools and sporting associations.

We have a fully equipped workshop for servicing small and large pumps and equipment of many brands and the expertise to troubleshoot your problem. When it comes to field projects our team of technicians have a large collection of plant and equipment to ensure your job is completed within budget.

Our team are supported by a comprehensive safety management plan and work within strict safety guidelines. Where needed we only work with licensed trade professionals and can assure your project will be completed safely and within a timely manner.


We are an official Onga repair and dealer shop and have the experience and qualifications to repair and service Onga products. Our team are also qualified to assist you with Onga product selection.


We stock a great selection of Pope garden equipment including, hoses, sprinklers and tap timers. Our staff are equipped with a strong knowledge base to assist you with product selection and support.


If you have a broken pipe or need emergency assistance with some plumbing we have licenced plumbers available and on-call. Think Water Leeton is equipped and experienced to deliver professional advice and solutions for your water management problem. Our services are scalable for residential and commercial and industrial clients.


We are qualified and experienced to design highly efficient, sustainable and innovative irrigation systems. Our team can install the complete system, supply parts for repair, or provide ongoing maintenance for your irrigation system. We partner with residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural clients offering a complete selection of irrigation related services.


We stock a variety of pumps from brands including Davey and Grundfos to suit many different applications. Whether you need servicing, a new pump or installation we have you covered.


We offer services to keep your pool sparkling year-round. From chemicals to pumps to robot cleaners we have the product knowledge and stock selection to assist with your pool or spa.


From drilling the hole right through to supplying the parts and accessories we have the services and answers for you. Contact us today about servicing and system design.