Windmill Replacement Project – Livestock Watering System

October 2018

In October 2018 Think Water Smithton was contracted by Stephen Fisher a Farmer located in Togari, Tasmania to upgrade the windmill and livestock watering system.

Dairy Farm Stock Watering System

The windmill was used for the main stock water supply, but it was decided an upgrade was needed due to purchasing more land next door. After consultation with the team at Think Water Smithton, both parties decided on an innovative and sustainable solar-powered bore pump from Grundfos. Introducing a solar-powered pump to your water system means reduced operating costs and reduced environmental footprint.

Energy is one of the highest cost items facing farmers of today. The Grundfos solar-powered pump range includes a comprehensive selection of reliable and economical, submersible bore pumps, single stage end suction pumps, and multi-stage centrifugal pumps. The complete solar-powered system includes a pump, the solar panels, a solar inverter, and a remote management system.

The $16,000 livestock watering project was installed over a period of two and a half days, with the installation team utilising a mini digger and auger drill to get the job done efficiently.

Grundfos Solar Submersible Pump Solution

A Grundfos SQF3A-10 Submersible Pump was chosen for its low operating costs, manageable service requirements and suitability for low flow water supply. An intelligent IP66 off-grid Renewable Solar Inverter (RSI) was installed to provide power for the pump. Flexibore 32mm hose from Crusader Hose was used to connect the system along with Philmac fittings.

The Renewable Solar Inverter is a key component to the longevity and reduced maintenance costs of a solar-powered pump system. For example, the unit is weatherproof and can be installed outdoors reducing installation costs. The control software provides ongoing monitoring of operation, performance, and trends while reducing the need for onsite inspections. The system will also notify you of issues when they become apparent.

As the demand for solor-powered water systems increases, the team at Think Water Smithton are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions. Contact Think Water Smithton to discuss system design, installation and servicing of your solar-powered pump today.