Think Water Mildura

Brief History
Think Water Mildura began life as KreuzControl Irrigation over 20 years ago, founded by Gary and Lorraine Kreuzer, to meet the needs of domestic and commercial irrigation customers.

When Gary and Lorraine first opened their business, irrigation plans were hand drawn. As a keen lover of technology, Gary undertook after-hours training in CAD - irrigation design at a time when computers were not as commonplace as they are today. KreuzControl Irrigation was one of the first innovative businesses in the area to offer computer designed irrigation plans to its customers.

The core values of Think Water Mildura remain unchanged from the day the doors of KreuzControl Irrigation were first opened: to provide outstanding customer service, and supply products of the highest quality and at competitive prices.

Areas of specialisation/services

All your domestic and commercial irrigation needs can be met at Think Water Mildura - we provide plans of your irrigation system and we can install new systems or sell you the materials to install it yourself. Our team are able to repair existing systems or supply the products and information to allow you to undertake the repairs.

We also specialise in pumps, with our range encompassing the smallest pump suitable to run a backyard water feature to the largest fire fighting pump and everything in between.

At Think Water Mildura, you will also find all you need to build or maintain your pond, as well as sub-surface or sub-mulch drip products.

285 Etiwanda Avenue , Mildura, VIC 3500, Australia
03 5021 4158


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285 Etiwanda Avenue , Mildura, VIC 3500, Australia
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