More Control & Smart Water Savings with MP Rotator Nozzles

June 2020

The industry-leading MP Rotator ® family from Hunter Industries now offers two different precipitation rate options to balance the application of water with soil type, providing more choices for irrigation management.

In any irrigation system, it is important to choose the best precipitation rate for the soil and plant materials to maximise efficiency while maintaining a vibrant and healthy landscape.

Steady water application at a slow precipitation rate offers the safest solution against the hazards of runoff and excessive water use. New irrigation systems can take advantage of this benefit by implementing irrigation designs specific to low precipitation rates.

MP Rotator nozzles are effective at saving water

For optimum efficiency, standard MP Rotator nozzles offer the lowest matched precipitation rate for popups in the industry: 10 mm/hr across radius ranges of 2.5 m to 10.7 m.

This rate can be applied to almost any soil type without runoff, especially tight soils and steep slopes. Having a slow precipitation rate across a wide radius range means slower flow rates and less pressure loss through the zone, allowing more heads to run on one valve.

Pre-existing systems that require an upgrade can benefit from a slightly higher precipitation rate to avoid increasing run times. If a spray system is already divided into several zones, take advantage of the 20 mm/hr rate of MP800 nozzles, which is ideal for medium-grade soils, gentle slopes, and small spaces.

With the 1.8 m to 4.9 m radius range offered by MP800 nozzles, existing spray zones can convert to high efficiency overhead systems without major increases in watering times. The improvement in uniformity paired with the midrange precipitation rate balances with the generally poorer coverage and high precipitation rate of the spray system for an increase in run time.

One size does not fit all when it comes to irrigation systems. Having more choices improves the performance of new system designs or retrofits applications.

Choose the slow and steady precipitation rate of standard MP Rotator nozzles for the highest efficiency, or the midrange rate of MP800 nozzles for retrofit applications and tight water windows.

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