Orange Pumps

Orange Pumps started in 1996 in Melbourne by experienced water pump engineers, designers, marketers and business people. Our strategy is to deliver a well engineered, high performance product at a reduced price.
Our electric motors can operate through a wide voltage range, at full load and high ambient temperature while maintaining a low temperature rise.
Our pumps are hydraulically engineered with unique impeller, diffuser and casing shapes to maximise performance and increase energy efficiency.


SJ – Stainless Jet Pump range
For household water pressure systems the SJ range can provide for most installations.

Designed to deliver water into the home
with ample pressure to push through pipes, around elbows, up vertical lifts and through shower roses.

Standard 3 year warranty
with AS/NZS4020 compliant for portable water.


MP – Multistage Pump range
A uniquely designed multistage pump with excellent air purging ability that can self prime to three metre suction depth.

The MP range delivers high volumes at high pressures which makes it ideal for irrigation, farm, household or industrial applications.


HD50 Solar Pump
A new concept in Solar Pumps, the HD50 is an affordable, energy efficient, supplier of water. A variable speed, brushless DC motor maximises the solar energy available by pumping water at different
motor speeds.

A built in electronic circuit and flow valve provides loss of prime protection and tank filling control.


UP – Utility Pump range
For fighting fires or water transfer, the utility pump is ideally suitable.

An innovative design utilising an impeller neck ring seal,
torque tuned vane and diff user in a solid single cast construction provides high performance with durable service over many years.

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