Solar Pumps by Orange

December 2017

When it comes to harnessing natural energy you can’t beat the range of solar pumps that are on the market today. Think Water stores throughout Australia stock a broad variety of solar-powered options for big or small applications.

Orange Pumps have recently designed and developed a unique solar-powered centrifugal water pump with a built-in electrical circuit that provides loss of prime protection and tank filling control.

The HD50 has a 36 Volt, DC, brushless, permanent magnet, step motor which operates at variable speed. The DC motor saves cost and increases efficiency by not having to invert the power to AC like most solar motors. Variable speed allows the motor to rotate faster when the sunlight is stronger enabling the pump to deliver more water and maximise the use of available solar energy. It also offers the flexibility of having a 1, 2, or 3-panel system as the motor changes speed depending on the wattage available.

The flow switch provided makes the HD50 ideal for filling a header tank for stock watering, irrigation lines, or tap outlets. Other applications include aeration for aquaculture, aquaponic water transfer, moving water for swimming pools, solar hot water systems, and household water supply through large pressure tanks.

The HD50 is easy to install as it comes with 5.5m electrical cable and MC4 solar connectors that clip onto the solar panel. The pump can be purchased as a system with 280watt solar panels, mounting bracket, Ezrack, pole, clamps and clip on electrical cables.

The HD50 pump can be purchased on its own or as a 1, 2, or 3-panel system ready to be installed. Call your local Think Water store for more information about sales and installation.