Out with the old… In with the new!

August 2019

Think Water Colac was recently commissioned to design and install a water tank and rainwater harvesting system on a rural Colac property.

The family property located in rural Colac relies on tank water as their primary water source. They discovered a leak in their old concrete tank and contacted Think Water Colac for a solution.

With no council water connection to the property, timing was crucial as the family relied on the tank water for household use. An excavator was used to remove the old concrete tank and the site was prepared for the new tanks.

Water tank removal
Removal of old concrete water tank

Think Water Colac collaborated with Bushman Tanks to ensure the installation site was in the correct location for plumbing and the foundations were prepared to suit the environment and chosen TXD5000 tanks.

Foundations for laying the tanks required a level sand surface at least 75mm thick. Bushman Tanks offer a free* delivery service and will position the tanks in the correct location. Once this was done Think Water Colac then connected the tanks to the house. Water was then delivered to the site enabling the system to be checked and make sure it was all in working order.

Poly Water Tanks Installed
New rain water harvesting system installed – Poly water tanks

The project was completed from start to finish in a matter of hours. Collaboration between all stakeholders made the process run smoothly and the family was only left without water for a minimal period of time.

There are many benefits of having a rainwater tank installed at home, the main one being the ability to harness rainwater for use around the house and garden.

Bushman’s Poly Tanks live longer due to Sunsmart® technology, come with a 5 to 10 year guarantee, are available in a wide range of colours and are manufactured in Australia to suit harsh Australian conditions.

Residential water tanks range from 750L to 10,000L, with larger tanks available up
to 46,400L.