Why go for high-quality water storage?

Bushmans is a top-tier water tank brand in Australia, renowned for its high-quality water storage solutions. Since 1989, this wholly Australian owned and operated company has been providing exceptional water tank and storage solutions for household, agricultural, commercial, and industrial use. Bushmans’ comprehensive range of storage solutions includes a wide selection of poly water tanks, Aqualine steel liner water tanks, industrial tanks, and accessories.

The key features of Bushmans’ Poly rainwater tanks
include maximum strength (made in one piece),
Bushmans Sunsmart® raw material for longer life, simple
and easy installation, a 10-year warranty, key fittings
included, an architectural and aesthetic design, designed
to comply with AS/NZS4766 tank standard, and are fully
approved for potable water (BPA free and food grade).

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Quality Tanks, Since 1989

Bushmans has established a long and excellent partnership with the Think Water group, enabling them to offer efficient and effective rainwater storage solutions to customers. You can purchase Bushmans Tanks at most Think Water stores, where they can also design a system, supply the products, and install them.

Sunsmart® Technology
Delivered, Placed & Fittings Installed*
10 Year Guarantee
Australian Made & Owned
Australian Factory Certified
Fully Recyclable


Bushman offers a 10-year guarantee for all their above-ground water tanks and a 5-year guarantee for all other Bushman products, giving customers peace of mind.


Bushman factories are accredited to manufacture tanks to the AS4766 quality standard which means that regular testing is performed on their tanks, including ultrasounds and drop tests.


Bushmans factories are fully certified and qualified to
manufacture tanks to the AS/NZS4766 Quality
Standard, ensuring products produced in each of their
plants are consistently made to meet and exceed the
specified quality standard.


Bushmans has introduced a new range of tanks called Sun
Tough Tanks which are made from Bushmans own
Sunsmart® raw material. This new technology provides
exceptional protection from the sun, as well as improved
manufacturing, resulting in tanks that last longer.

Bushmans’ poly rainwater tank range includes round water tanks, slimline water tanks, and modular water tanks with sizes ranging from 1,000L to 46,400L. Bushmans Aqualine steel liner water tank range is suitable for fire-prone areas and is available in sizes ranging from 20,000L to 360,000L.

With a focus on quality, Bushmans takes pride in their Sun Tough Tanks, which are made from their own Sunsmart® raw material.

This new technology provides exceptional protection from the sun and ensures tanks last longer. Bushmans advanced manufacturing and layering technologies are part of their ongoing commitment to innovate and improve their products.

For any technical drawings of water tanks, installation guides or brochures visit Bushmans Download Centre