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With 35+ years of experience in the industry Crusader Hose offer PVC or polyurethane extruded hoses for many applications. Their wide range of lay flat hose products includes bore water riser/hose, irrigation hose, dewatering hose, drinking water hose, effluent drag hose, heavy-duty transfer hose, fuel transfer hose, and fire hose to name a few.

As an Australian-owned company that manufactures on home soil Crusader Hose develops lay flat hose solutions suitable for the harsh Australian climate. With an ISO 9001 program in place, all products are engineered and developed to meet major industry standards.

Rapier Hose by Crusader Hose

Crusader Hose Fire Hose Range

A trusted brand for high-quality fire hoses that comply with Australian fire industry standards. Annual tests are conducted to ensure conformance to Australian Standards (AS 2792) and Australian Defence Force (DEF 5195A). Crusader Hose is committed to these standards resulting in customer peace of mind that their hose is a reliable high-quality product.

The Crusader Hose Fire Hose Range includes Excalibur®, Centurion®, Sabre, Rapier®, Cavalier®, Percoflex®, and Fortex.

Flexibore by Crusader Hose


Flexibore® is a flexible riser that suits many borehole applications and is compatible with most submersible pumps. It comes in a variety of lengths and diameters and is easy to install and retrieve. It is resistant to corrosion and microbiological damage and will not succumb to iron bacteria build-up.

Flexidrag by Crusader Hose


Flexidrag® is a smooth, flexible layflat hose that is perfect for use in irrigation. It can be easily stored and is available in a large range of sizes and lengths. When you need a tough, robust, cost-effective, and efficient hose, rely on Flexidrag®.

Waterlord Hose by Crusader Hose


Waterlord® is a heavy-duty layflat mine dewatering hose manufactured to remove large volumes of water from a mine quickly and safely. It is easy to handle and deploy in short lengths, however will need a hose reel system for mine walls and across pits.

Petroline by Crusader Hose


Petroline® is the perfect solution for loading and unloading petrol from tankers to vehicles and ship-to-shore fuel pumping. It meets the stringent requirements of the Australian Defense Force and other customers such as the oil and gas industry and fuel handling companies.

Flexline Hose by Crusader Hose


Flexiline™ is a flexible layflat hose used for industrial pumping applications. It is robust and typically used for pumping pressures operating up to 1000 kPa. It can be supplied with a large range of couplings, including the Bauer type for dewatering use. Lengths up to 20m can be easily manhandled. However, for longer lengths, we recommend our reel systems are used. This makes the handling safe, quick, and easy.

All Think Water stores are equipped with the knowledge to advise you which Crusader Hose product will suit your needs and how to install and service it.