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Farmbot Monitoring Solutions is a leading Australian Agtech company. Farmbot provides farmers with the tools to monitor on-farm water ecosystems delivering near real-time reporting on water trends and consumption with alerts to your mobile and email.

Monitor your water systems for as little as $1 per day with a solar-powered and work off either Satellite ($1.2 per day) or Cellular (3G/4G) ($1 per day). Know your water levels, individual tank capacities, and have peace of mind knowing your livestock have water.

Water Level Sensor – The Water Level Sensor connects to the monitor to provide remote water level monitoring for tanks. This combination allows reporting of real-time issues, events, and abnormalities of your water system.

Diesel Level Sensor – The Diesel Level Sensor connects to the monitor to provide remote level monitoring for diesel tanks. This combination provides real-time reporting of issues, events, and abnormalities in diesel tanks.

Flow Sensor – The Flow Sensor measures water usage, leak detection and better manages water consumption. Detailed flow data records the volume of water during each transmission period. The Farmbot Monitor facilitates up to three Flow Meters.

Line Pressure Sensor – The Line Pressure Sensor provides insights into pressure levels and changes in any line. Detailed data allows a better understanding of pumps, controllers, valves, and the overall reticulation system. It facilitates the early detection of faults, problems, or impending failures.

Wireless Trough Sensor – The Wireless Trough Sensor provides customers with a picture of trough water supply right up to the point of consumption. It provides you with visibility of impending problems as well as insights into stock drinking habits by displaying the average and minimum water level.

Rain Gauge –
The Rain Gauge enables users to know their daily aggregate rainfall for specific locations on their property, allowing them to understand local micro-climates. Users can make informed decisions about farming operations, pasture development, and yield potential before stepping into the paddock.

Safety Check-in – The Safety Check-In module helps ensure customers and staff are safe around the property.  The Safety Check-In has two functions; check-In, which enables accurate records of all site visits, and emergency, which is an immediate alert facility to send a distress signal to selected users and management.

Farmbot products are available at participating Think Water stores throughout Australia, talk to your local store for more information.