For over 20 years Holman have been providing a full range of watering, lighting and plumbing products to the Australian market. We’re passionate about research and development, determined to offer an innovation range to our customers. We aim to make products with better watering efficiency and ease-of-use, striving for quality Australian design at an affordable price.

Since early 2018 we have invested into local manufacturing for our plumbing division in our Perth and Brisbane facilities. We are proud to be able to supply plumbing and civil markets with quality PVC fittings and at the same time, employing Australian workers to make Australian products.

Holman Products

Poly Pipe and Micro Fittings

Holman manufacture a comprehensive range of low density poly pipe, suitable for use at pressures up to 300kPa at 35ºC. Poly tube is used for irrigation applications ranging from watering your garden bed to having a full-scale watering system that includes all areas of the garden. Use poly tube when setting up spray systems, drip systems and sprinkler systems.

Poly tube is used for all irrigation applications
Low Density
Accepts standard barbed micro fittings
Suitable for above and below ground applications

Holman Plumbing

Holman is an Australian family-owned business with two modern PVC moulding facilities, in Perth and Brisbane and a significant fabrication plant in Stapylton, near the Gold Coast in QLD that allows for over 300 specialty fittings to be produced. Our manufacturing facilities provide high-quality plumbing products, including DWV, Stormwater, Pressure, Poly Compression and Threaded fittings. With a strong focus on product R&D and continual investment in moulding machines and tooling our facilities boast the latest technology to facilitate market demand and improve our operations. By using recycled industrial waste generated in Australia, Holman prides itself on using sustainable eco-conscious manufacturing practices wherever possible. Our 7 offices and warehouses located across Australia each carries the full product range allowing good lead times for in-store supply.

Heat Shrink

  • 4:1 shrink ratio allows a few sizes to cover a wide range of splice and component diameters
  • Flame-retardant and mechanically tough, the tubing provides strain relief and abrasion protection of wire splices, terminals, and other components
  • Thick adhesive liner forms an effective barrier against fluids and moisture and performs well at an extended temperature range
  • UL recognized

Application: Specially designed for environmental sealing and electrical insulation of wire splices, terminations, and components.
Installation: Minimum shrink temperature: 110°C [230°F]
Minimum full recovery temperature: 135°C [275°F]
Operation temperature range: -40°C to 130°C

Tap Timers

We provide a comprehensive selection of tap timers, offering a wide range of options to suit any watering needs. Our extensive collection includes timers with varying durations, programmable schedules, and multiple watering zones, ensuring efficient and customized irrigation for gardens of all sizes. Whether you require a simple mechanical timer or a sophisticated digital tap timer, we have the perfect tap timer solution for your watering requirements.

Irrigation Flags

Irrigation flags are an invaluable tool for marking and identifying irrigation systems in landscaping projects. These brightly colored flags help to indicate the location of underground sprinklers, pipes, and valves, making it easier to locate and maintain the system. By using irrigation flags, you can enhance efficiency, prevent accidental damage, and ensure precise adjustments or repairs to your irrigation setup, saving time and resources in the long run.