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MATelec Australia has more than 45 years of experience manufacturing pump/motor control products and electrical accessories. Their manufacturing facility in Shepparton, Victoria means their products are Australian-made and built for the harsh Australian climate.

Participating Think Water stores have the knowledge and experience to advise the best product to suit your project. Our partnership with MATelec Australia means we have complete access to their full product range and can offer informed solutions when it comes to troubleshooting.

Pump & Motor Controllers

  • Single pump controllers
  • Dual pump controllers
  • Advanced pump controllers
  • HydroWHIZ pump controllers
  • Hydrotouch pump controllers
  • How water circulation controllers
  • Rain/mains controllers
  • Fire pump controllers
  • Soft starters
  • VSD pump controllers
  • Power distribution boards
  • Power management systems
  • Level alarms
  • Tank level control & indication
  • Pump control auxiliary equipment
  • Level switches & sensors

Electrical Accessories

  • Cable accessories
  • Hardware
  • Smoke detectors
  • Motion sensors
  • KWH meters
  • Timers
  • Day night switches
  • Lighting
  • Emergency warning equipment