Poly pipe fittings may be a small piece in the irrigation puzzle – be it for giving access to bore water, irrigating crops or watering stock – but PLASSON engineers reliable, leak-free connections so you don’t waste precious resources or spend unnecessarily on maintenance or replacement.

When it comes to sustainability, we’ve been PLASSON it since the 1960s. Our company was founded by a collective living off the land. They were struggling to farm through drought and could see that existing fittings leaked and simply didn’t deliver reliable irrigation. So they set about engineering the best poly pipe fitting possible, and they did such a good job PLASSON have barely changed the design in the 50 years since.

To us growing is knowing our products will deliver…. for the next generation and the one after that and the one after that. Join with us!

While people from Cairns to Campbell Town will know a reliable water supply is key to growth, how PLASSON Australia has engineered products to help deliver this may be less obvious.

PLASSON changed the way metric compression fittings were engineered back in the 1960’s. As a collective struggling to irrigate their crops, they saw existing poly pipe joiners leaked and simply didn’t deliver. They came up with an innovative new fitting design that featured captive O-rings.

PLASSON’s metric compression design has the critical sealing element engineered into a groove inside the fitting. The result is a simple yet smart poly pipe joiner. PLASSON O-rings remain safe, secure and ready to seal at all times, in all conditions, whether being installed for the first time or reinstalled or reconfigured years down the track.

The other big upside of compression fittings with captive O-rings is that they seal the instant they go on the pipe. With PLASSON compression, you get a water-tight connection before you tighten the nuts. This is the magic behind PLASSON Rural hand-tight install – with PLASSON you only do up the nuts to prevent blow-out, not to seal. PLASSON Metric Compression fittings 32mm and under are also hand-tight installed.

Our compression fittings were engineered to handle Aussie conditions, so they feature a longer body design, and strong grip rings to guard against blowouts. Fittings are UV stabilized for long service life and perform in hot and cold climates.

This design feature delivers “flow on” benefits by saving time, saving water and making it easier to connect the irrigation you need to get growing.


  • Captive O-ring: safe and secure for optimum sealing
  • Robust PP body and nut: high impact strength and stress resistance
  • Long sealing area: no leaks or blow-outs – ideal for bore applications
  • Total reliability: PN16 and suitable for cold water applications up to 45


  • Domestic water supply
  • Turf watering
  • Irrigation
  • Stock watering
Happy farmer and his big farm

Smarter Electrofusion

PLASSON has been a global leader in electrofusion for decades. Our SmartFuse electrofusion system brings together the best electrofusion fittings and a systemised installation and weld recording process.

All SmartFuse fittings have smart resistors that feed the correct weld parameters into PLASSON’s SmartFuse EF welders as soon as the fitting is connected.

No manual entry and no scanning means it is faster to set up each and every weld and the potential for costly input errors is eliminated.

The SmartFuse system is designed to guide each weld so that installers have clear steps to follow and there are prompts to ensure stages are fully completed.

The SmartFuse install app is designed to make every job easier with guided installation, weld recording and reporting. Through the app, installers are guided through systemised welds and the app helps record photographs of each step.

Visual records are stored along with details for the fitting, precise location, installer ID, all weld stage times and data. This data can be saved on site via USB, which is handy in remote areas with limited internet access, or automatically in the cloud. This gives managers and asset owners a real-time picture of what is happening on any job, anywhere, any time.

– Automatic weld setting detection: save time and reduce errors
– Guided install: reminder for all best practice steps
– Automatic weld reports: less paperwork
– Cloud-based weld records: easier collaboration and compliance
– Total reliability: PN16 and suitable for cold water applications up to 45º

– Domestic water supply
– Gas supply
– Industrial fluids
– Storm and wastewater
– Irrigation
– Stock watering

Product Feature: Bucchi Tank Adaptors

Connecting rainwater tanks to an irrigation system can be a bit of a headache. The job can involve ladders, ropes, confined spaces, and a cast of thousands – OK, usually only two, but two is a crowd in some install situations!

This problem can be overcome with Bucchi fittings, which have recently become available in Australia. Bucchi is an Italian company that specialises in push-in polypropylene couplings for tanks as well as polyethylene and intermediate bulk containers. The fittings are designed for farming, irrigation and industrial applications.

The adaptors can be installed quickly and easily from outside the tank, allowing access to previously inaccessible spots, and can even be installed on a full tank of water. Their design eliminates guesswork – it is simply a matter of cutting a hole and inserting the fitting.

Information: Plasson Australia is the exclusive distributor for Bucchi tank adaptors. For more, visit www.plasson.com.au or learn more about Bucchi here.

Other features of Bucchi adaptors include:

  • resistance to oxidation, atmospheric agents and sunlight aging
  • they can be used on plastic or steel tanks
  • an innovative high-tech elastomer seals and engineering, which means they do not require
  • they fit any tank that is between 2 and 12 mm thick. The special gaskets also allow them to
    seal watertight on irregular walls of variable thickness
  • the reduced male female option is ideal for inserting rigid internal suction pipes or external
    taps with a male thread
  • the range runs 1/2″ to 2″ in M or MF threaded options
  • they can withstand a range of temperatures, stress, vibrations, corrosion and weather
    conditions and guarantee a hydraulic seal up to 4 bar.
  • they are engineered to handle dynamic movement and significant elastic deformations
    without changing original shape.