Rivulis Products
Rivulis Products

Rivulis Drip and Micro Irrigation

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Rivulis has a rich history in the irrigation industry with more than 50 years of expertise developing, manufacturing and deploying drip and micro-irrigation products and solutions. Their vision is to provide simple, affordable and smart irrigation solutions for a more sustainable future for all.

Specialising in drip irrigation and micro-irrigation, Rivulis has an extensive product range to make your irrigation system the best it can be. Whether you need drip tapes and drip lines or filters and valves Rivulis has the solution.

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Think Water stores stock a selection of Rivulis world renown, high-performance products including X-pell, T-Tape, Ro-Drip Drip Tape. Plus a wide selection of medium and heavy wall drip lines, sprinkler heads, micro sprinklers, foggers and mist sprayers.

Think Water stores specialise in irrigation system design, supply, installation and maintenance. Our Preferred Supplier relationship with Rivulis means we have factory trained staff, with extensive experience, ready to design a new system for you or troubleshoot your existing system.

  • Drip tapes and drip lines
  • Online drippers
  • Sprinklers and jets
  • Lay flat hose and pipes
  • Filters
  • Valves
  • Connectors
  • Fertigation accessories