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Established in 1981, Triangle Waterquip specialises in the design and supply of fully automatic water filter systems, hydraulic control valves, sprinklers, rain guns, injection pumps, water meters and wastewater disposal systems.

Their products are manufactured in Australian and used throughout the industrial, commercial, irrigation, agricultural and mining industries. As experienced engineers the Triangle Waterquip group source and supply a wide range of filtration equipment to suit a wide range of applications.

The product range includes filtration systems and accessories, valves, subsurface wastewater and effluent disposal systems, plastic and brass sprinklers, fertigation and dosing pumps and water meters. Triangle Waterquip filters are sold under the Filtaworx brand and are fully automatic self-cleaning water filtration systems.

Think Water maintains a Preferred Supplier relationship with Triangle Waterquip and stocks their elite products in all stores. Our staff are fully trained and have experience in the various applications of their products.

  • Compact automatic filters
  • Large automatic filters
  • Disc filters
  • Screen filters
  • Semi-automatic self-cleaning filters
  • Spin filters
  • Hydro cyclone separators
  • Fertigation injectors
  • Electromagnetic diaphragm pumps
  • Hydraulic agitators and injectors
  • High volume dosing pumps
  • Air release and check valves
  • Plastic and castiron valves
  • Water meters
  • Effluent and wastewater subsurface disposal systems