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Turbo Reel is a family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience in the industry and one of the largest suppliers of traveling irrigators in Australia. Their primary target market is agriculture however, many of their products are used throughout the industrial, civil, residential, and mining industries.

The Romano family has a long history in the farming and agriculture industry. As potato farmers, they designed their first traveling irrigator, called Turbo Reel, for use on their own farm and to suit the Australian climate.

Traveling irrigators come in various sizes with a broad range of accessories such as booms, sprinkler guns, and hose to suit your application. Turbo Reel supplies various brands of traveling irrigators including Idrofoglia, Ferbo, and RM.

As a Think Water Preferred Supplier, they are renowned for their product excellence and quality, professionalism, and service. Being a family of the land means they know what is required of an irrigation system and understand your needs. Contact your local Think Water store about traveling irrigators today.