Pump Shed Upgrade – Murray Downs Golf & Country Club

March 2019

In 2019, Think Water Swan Hill was contracted to replace the pump shed at Murray Downs Golf and Country Club. The project involved the design and installation of a completely new pump system to increase water-savings and utilise modern fertigation technology.

Golf Course Pump Shed Upgrade - Think Water Swan Hill

The main project challenge was the tight time constraints which were due to the existing pump shed being the only water supply for the irrigation system throughout the greens and fairways. This resulted in the installation team working efficiently and safely to complete the project in a record-breaking period of time.

A large crane was used to lift the old pump and filters out of the pump shed, this was followed with the new system components being lifted into the existing shed. The system was designed around a series of Grundfos vertical multistage pumps, a Triangle Filtration system, and a Grundfos dosing pump. Stainless steel manifolds were used along with a water meter to monitor flow.

A Siemen Control Panel was installed to monitor and control the pump’s more advanced features including pump speed and output pressure. The system included a Grundfos dosing pump for fertigation purposes.

The project was completed safely and within budget without disruptions to the watering schedule.